Breaking Down Tonights NBA Draft: The Players, The Picks, and Virtual Fashion

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Mike schmidts. Thank you for joining me mandy day that you work towards every single year has finally arrived. Yeah i feel like this is our our super bowl and we've been waiting for this forever. I we thought it was going to be in june. And then maybe october and now here in november so you know i think teams and myself are very excited to get this one of the books. Mike schmidts is an nba draft analyst for espn. And he's been traveling the world scouting nba prospects for nearly a decade. I love the nba. draft personally. I went to the draft at the garden. Growing up in new york as a sad knicks fan and i still love the draft. Which tells you something about my own personal pathologies. The weirdness of this draft mike. You said it. This is going to be held in a way that has never been seen before. It's going to be entirely remote adam. Silver the commissioner. Mark tatum the deputy commissioner. They're going to be reading out. Picks live from espn studios in bristol. Where you are right now. So tell me what it's been like for teams and for players to go through this whole draft process in the midst of a global pandemic. It's been very very challenging for teams and players alike from the team side. They're used to having march madness the nba draft. Combine tournaments like portsmouth invitational. Which is where you see. You know a jimmy butler and some of these seniors pop up. They're able to have their individual workouts one on one workouts team workouts. I really have these guys in their building and this pre-draft process that just simply hasn't been the case so think you have teams kind of relying on a lot of these zoom calls right. We've all been kind of zoom jail more or less for the last few months You know they're relying on film. They're relying on intel and then from the players perspective. I think they just want to finally hear their name called. I mean this is the moment that they've been waiting for their entire lives. And so i feel a lot of these kids just having to have this. Push back and push back in push-back. They've each had very different circumstances. I mean some guys are like in the gym working out with nba players. Every day. some are with you know their brother and their cousin and some empty. Jim just one on getting workout. Since so it's been very strange. I guess the thing. I think of when i think about what might be lost in this iteration of the draft like are they going to be suits mike. Are we gonna get like nba draft fashion. That we've been blessed by in the past. Oh we're getting it it's coming it's coming virtually you're not gonna see that same strut the same level of excitement that we generally get in barklays within walking up on the stage but from everything i've seen out on social media everything i've heard. I think the suit game is still going to be strong. Yeah i just want if one of those guys wanna go retro and bring back like the seventeen but in suit. I just wanna make sure. The camera frame contains all seventeen of those budgets. We're gonna do everything we can to get that done. I hope we really really highlight the fashion. Because that that might steal the night to be honest i want to take a deep dive into the top three players in the draft to start here because the three of them. You've been talking about relentlessly for months. Now lamelo ball. James wiseman anthony edwards. They're all still in play for the number one overall pick which belongs of course to the minnesota timberwolves and i want to start with lamelo because we know as the brother lonzo the son of lavar and he chose to play overseas australia instead of going to the college game but for the uninitiated ear. What is lamelo offered to whichever team does end up selecting him tonight. I think he's the best prospect in the draft. Honestly i think if he played at duke kentucky enter any big name college program and he didn't have some of the questions about kind of the circus that has surrounded him at times in his life. I think he would be the runaway number. One pick in terms of his game. I mean he's a big point guard. Six seven close to six foot. Eight is one of the youngest players in the draft. Who was a late bloomer. So i think people remember him as the young you know twelve year old looking kid bomb and half court shots but he's really grown into his frame as great size has the ball on a string as a ball handler. He's incredibly shifty and smooth and his playmaking is ridiculous. The way he sees the game is really really special.

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