DR Congo announces end of latest Ebola epidemic

UN News


The latest ebola outbreak in the democratic republic of the congo. Drc has been declared over nearly six months after the first cases of infection were reported in northwestern ecuador province key to this success was the vaccination of more than forty thousand people at high risk of falling sick from the frequently fatal hemorrhagic disease the world health organization. Who said on wednesday. The un agency added that the lessons learned from having to keep the antiviral drug super cold temperatures would be helpful in bringing a covid nineteen vaccine to africa since one of the corona virus vaccine candidates that has completed testing requires similar deep-freeze handling to keep it from spoiling the. Ds's eleventh recorded. Ebola episode which was first declared in the dock area of ecuador province in june claimed fifty five lives the who also hailed government and local partners overcame significant logistical challenges in tracking cases of infection and providing treatment to communities scattered across dense rainforests as well as crowded urban areas. This great achievement shows that together we can overcome any health challenge said tedros adhanom ghebreyesus. The director general of the world health organization in a tweet

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