Jane said. I can look at the photo go.


We've been over this Stop sending the people who are dead. Stop sending people meet people who are now older than my grandma. I have to see them now or the in the case of Jayne Mansfield. She's been dead for 1 53 years. This does nothing for me. Well, it's just not a very popular name anymore. So you're not going to find a lot of current Jane, if you send me a current hot James not dead, Jane. Not older than my grandmother. Jane sent me a current hot, Jane said. I can look at the photo go. That's the current Jane. She's not 108. She's not in a grave somewhere current, huh? Jane, Nobody can do it. Okay. You guys have your marching orders. Send him hot Jane's of today. Current wife nine times. People keep sending me people who are pinup girls would like Dad was a child. Do we have time for a more? One more? Okay. Oh, wow. I would send you a new suit. But I'm 71 for the bloom is off the road and I'm sorry to say this, but I love your show. I value that. Eight years ago. Anyway, way in there. I get up early because I'm in Washington state just to hear young radio. My gosh, she would send you nudes if she weren't 71 sees this woman's

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