Broncos are 3-6 for fourth consecutive year, Drew Lock hurt


After Sunday's 37 to 12 loss to the Las Vegas Raiders Broncos quarterback Drew Lock knows he has to play better. Yeah, I can just work on not making the bad place worse. That's locked talking with Ko E News radio's Logan and Louis today, Broncos head coach Vic Fangio says Lock is still his starter. We're gonna go with Drew and keep getting him playing type. But lock is banged up from yesterday's game. His availability for Wednesday's practice right now is questionable, like with many injuries. The next day is Worse than the actual injury during the competition, So he's pretty sore today with the ribs and we'll see where he's at on Wednesday. Broncos will try to bounce back on Sunday when they host the Miami Dolphins Kaylee coverage of that game starts at eight Sunday morning. Kickoff is at

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