Why You Need to Stop Overlooking the Value of Free | Interview on The Frank Caliendo Cast


This is gary v audio experience. This is exciting for me. Those are remade migos. Those aren't original migos. That's what i love. That's all of yes they are. They're figures from figures. Toy store Figures toy company. I looked for my old league. You're the perfect person for this. By the way we started the podcast because everything everything that i've been learning about you with going to like garage sales i guess and an e bay and all that kind of stuff. So here's here's what. I was looking for a podcast set and i was trying to think what is me. What what what what talks about me. What tells about my childhood. Which is where i wish i still was so when looking i went looking for my migo toys must have sold them at a garage sale to some guy who became famous on the and but i couldn't find him and there were some on ebay and stuff like that. I did get some but there were figures toys. And i just looked it up in their remakes of the migos. The i think they're five and a half inch also had the little ones to the migo. Men's or whatever they're combing they were you know they were those dogs. They were really dolls. They weren't action figures and they were awesome as a kid growing up. And everything's changed so much at todd mcfarlane on and you talk about going exact opposite way. The detail in those was incredible. Take the same head and just painted differently. Hundred percent barbies and let's call them. What yes. When i was growing up my dad would have been mad at that and nowadays it would be it would be. It would be one hundred percent way to go. So you are the guest today. Gary which and. I didn't know much about you. I'm honest on this podcast a lot. I used to try. I used to try and be something. I wasn't used to try and be a really good host. You're one of the people. Actually i've heard talk about this You know talk about being yourself and that comes through. And i get lost. You know. i'm all over the place. That's why the impressions i really. Oh yeah. I'm very focused. When i'm building a business. But like i'm the worst. I also on my podcast. Terabyte cut off the person. Seven hundred forty nine fans like punch me in the face. When i'm doing i. yeah. I'm just i'm white creative in a lot of ways that i didn't realize as a kid because i all the creative energy went into business and that didn't seem creative back then that your earlier point of your data that creativity and not like the word entrepreneur didn't even exist. I was gonna be a businessman and that that seemed like money and money didn't seem like creative art things that nature but like yeah i mean. I like six thoughts right now. I'm like thinking about your ghostbuster figures. I was pumped ac- plastic man in the background. Like i'm like thinking about the hogan figure of thinking about some of your impressions that i've loved like was i mad because i saw that before jet skiing. That was bad. Like it's amazing. How many places in thirteen seconds your brain can actually go. Yeah see well. I would not have thought that at all see i would have thought you were extremely focused. I did what got me. I call i call it controlled. Chaos focused. When when i'm on a i can micro focused but i'm macro most happy in chaos. Could you stop interrupting meat. So i i wouldn't have thought that because i go back to when i started off the internet so my story is this i when i was starting to make a little bit of a name for myself Back and fox. Nfl sunday and doing stuff on tbs and even a little bit mad tv. The internet was just starting to to blow up a little bit. When i first got the hollywood people didn't even really have email. Their email was just starting people. Like i had a manager's like you're not gonna believe this you can type a message on the keyboard and you send it across the country and they get it in seconds so that world. I was at one point. The number one thing on youtube before there were any subscribers or anything like that. Just youtube People there was even a thing where people like The frank caliendo factor of youtube. Where people you know small blogs talk about that type of thing. But i got lost in it. I didn't. I didn't see it like when when microsoft didn't see what apple saw. I didn't see the future of that. Just very calm and break i. Actually i remember you on youtube. I was there very early with larry. Tv in february two thousand six. Come when it was like rocket boom zeh frank and all this stuff. I know because hollywood or you thought of yourself that way. These things were micro little stepping stone to the big game. Youtube was like a small club. You would play on your way like every. But i remember it vividly that that two thousand and two three four five six seven era really started to change like a one zero six to your point.

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