91 | A Fireside Chat


Weirdo bookworm unite. We want to share our love of genre fiction with you. Some readers out. There may look down on you for your love of horror sci-fi fantasy but not us so stop by discuss what we've been reading. Jonah junkies sandra and this is scott and we're back. We took a little teeny tiny mini. Not quite break kind of brace sort of a break we really kind of kind of. It's just been a lot. We've just been doing a lot. Oh my god. I mean to say that twenty twenty has been fully loaded and ups and downs. Is i mean just i rolling at this point because it's been a year for everybody but Yeah i some was. You may have known scott neier quote unquote essential. We've never stopped working during the shutdown and we're thankful to have jobs but you know when you're working through crisis a lot of stuff happens and it all just compounds and it's just been and then the election alma cut so much here in america so much so november has been a little bit of a vacation for us in some respects yet. We're still doing. Our other shows still doing spooky summer parties still during the cult. Show still doing this show but just taking a little bit more time to not have rash some deadlines i guess as way to put it but we want to check in and chat with you guys because we miss you all so terribly and we thought we were just kind of hang out. Where here on the couch. Pretend you're here on our large sectional couch with us. We're just going to chat chat books a little bit and just kind of i dunno some funny question the some serious questions. I went through a whole bunch of different book tags on youtube and on people's blogs and whatnot and just kind of came up with a smattering of questions to just talk books for the love of books. Please play along at home with us. We want to hear from you. Yeah i mean you can also like on social media do some sort of a post or something and you cannot tell us some of your answers. You can email i. I don't know what twitter whatever whatever you wanna do. Tell us your answer would be fun to hear some of them. So this'll be a minimally edited episodes. So you know you just have to put up with some less than perfect annunciation whatnot from us tonight. And let's try to stay away from the monster. Hey i i can't do swear let's not do swear i'm going to try. It's not like i ever do it like on purpose. You know what i mean. It's just how i talk. Also we'll see we'll see we'll see i who knows the i wear could come from me. Yeah so you mean just not the f. word because knows swears. Oh my gosh was just let us. Okay i'm just going to do my best. I can't promise i'm not. I'm not promising anything. I'm not promising anything okay. So here's our first little question for all of us at home. What is popular book series. You didn't like or will never read well for me. Yeah this is easy. It's a game of thrones i You would think it'd be something that would be right up my alley and i did read. I don't know the first quarter maybe of the first book many many years ago and it never grabbed me. You did and there's things about the show that i appreciated but it's just it doesn't really grab me. It's not doesn't really interest me. It's a lot and i just dumb. I've never been able to bring myself to to dig into that interesting interesting. I love the game of thrones series. I know love those books. Yeah that's right and could never quite get into it and there's a lot going on. There's a lot of political court intrigue. Which i think you like more. These days are absolute. Like i think that's kind of grown on you a little bit and there's many different characters. I have to take notes like when i read these books. There's a lot of different characters. There's a lot of different civilizations in towns and stuff. It's a lot to keep track of that kind of deep epic fantasy You know i really liked it. When i was a kid like when i first read the lord of the rings and yeah so really and all that kind of stuff yes that that level of deep fantasy and world building. I don't know if it's really for me anymore. And i love fantasy but you and you love world building i do. There's a certain level though where it just gets too much for me. Okay so this may be tied into my answer for this question. Which is the wheel of time books. Oh here's the thing. sorry sorry. Mr jordan arrested power. I know these books made a lot a lot of people i will. I've never tried.

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