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Unless we're on different time zones bet love connecting with. All of. You guys are sorry. Go siamese mostly on instagram or son's facebook inspirational interviews. And yeah say hi ed for those of you guys needing an interview. I always say just go to the website. You can book me there or yes for those of you guys. Who don't know about it. I will help people just in a private capacity to really go in depth and have a one on one conversation and just help you marie your own life story. it's an amazing process to just. Yeah get carrie. Ann perspective in this moore effect that you know i help you go through so if you needing that let me know and yeah can see what we can do for you. They also an inspirational interviews. You can find me there under the interview within section so guys without any further ado. Let's give a warm cyber welcome folklorist award the first ones at school now now because we just started halftime which is kind of a nightmare. Yeah so he's like locked in the basement. Seriously how you have your range that we. He has a nanny and She is playing with him in the basement. I started wasn't getting about the base. Sound like my friend in america. Let's go catchily tar listeners. Who who's claris award. So i am. Cnn's chief international correspondent and what that basically means is that. i'm. I'm based in london. But i travel a lot covering the stories. That are the big stories of our time and also spend a lot of time working on diplomatic pieces big enterprise stories as well and when you say enterprise stories. What does that mean. Exactly that will mean something like you know a few years ago or last year. Even i wanted to go and spend some time with the taliban but obviously takes months to set something like that up and requires a big investment of time and effort from all sides. So it's that kind of story that most correspondence wouldn't really probably be able to do or or get the opportunity to do. But as part of the privilege of the position that i'm in i'm able push forward some big projects like that. Yeah and i mean. I noise sorry suggest listeners. So guys those of you who've listened to kate brooks's interview. This is how. I know clarisa now because they met through work. And you inspired cates clarisa. So that's you know. Obviously what's what got us connected and both of you journalists. And i know that you've also won many awards which came to mind because you said i have the privilege of one the privilege of have the privilege so talk about that also just to set the tone about about where you know why you have the privilege of being able well. I started out on the very lowest rung on the totem pole. So i was working as an intern. And then i was on the overnight desk Working as an assistant in new york at fox news. And then i moved to beirut as a freelancer because this was back in two thousand and five in the war was raging in iraq. And i knew that. I'd be able to get work going back and forth to iraq and it was in beirut that i met cape brooks k. was already super well established incredibly well respected photographer. Just incredible work and and we actually moved in together. We live together. And i learned a lot from kate and i definitely looked up to her lot because she was more experienced than i was always very very generous with her time in her wisdom which is wonderful to see and because not every female journalists is as magnanimous and although for the most part were i think a pretty good crew and from there i moved to. I'd lived in moscow. I lived in beijing then. I moved to london. I really sort of made my name covering the syrian civil war And i mean you know have won many awards. Which is i honestly. Don't think it's terribly important. But i guess it's part of when you ask like how you get to privileged position to be able to do the kinds of stories you want. It's usually because you you've you've had quite a lot of recognition for the work that you've done. Yeah which is another way of also saying respect right if the react. Yeah yeah so. I mean yeah i mean like what are these awards tell us hi describes it as a contra member need to get a text message out but she describes when she was sort of also telling me about you. She says that you've got more awards than she has. Digits so one. Two george foster peabody awards which is probably the biggest award in television journalism. Right up there. yeah i To a columbia dupont. Awards have won seven emmy awards one Various other like the icy of j.

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