Interview With Petter Kukkonen


But so in ancient world we we cannot understand it without mentioning religion but we also cannot understand that without mentioning sophy and you are mentioning that our our hero of the of the story echoes. He lived at the same time as plato and aristotle and and you also have the scenes in your book where where these philosophers appear so would be exciting. You maybe share a little bit about those Those storylines in in the book before olympic games. Cenovate thirty on just Too which was the blaze were. Lotto's gymnasium was located on. They had them exhibition resting much. First alex against the abuse and then what was one of spectators and then he wanted to challenge alex unbuckle. He had a history of of competing in investing in infinite. Nothing olympic games but fee of this highly respected games in increase. So he was in real life also released. Strong restaurant denied. He was already sixty Sixty three years old so they they are they are having frosting matz with Afterwards having some wine. And i'm talking. I didn't bring any new philosophy of some kind of maine lies about his thinking. And then there's so so obvious double in young who'd think there are dates of seventeen or sixteen elected sixty couple of couple of years older than On spending about a pin. Im seven days long. Local mocha pick festival in offense. They're spending like going just the other an underground With wine about philosophy and so roaches or encounters with those two big names. And yeah you mentioned that. You didn't want to go into detail about the philosophy of plato aristotle. But i think it's quite a nice way of kind of tying in those historical figures which brings to the question that i didn't remember to ask yet was that did you have a character. All my historical character dot you draw inspiration from when you are building your your character aliko stories. He like a combination of different stories and sources. Or how how did you. How did he come to be as he is. He's for cirque combination of of different ideas. That are there must be bark of me. Thinking there is part of fiction My biggest hero in Cup all the up. His character person. I would say i have copied a face. He's characters he used in east books. So it's gonna fly combination of these three things. Yeah do we have any any stories that we have available about the athletes of those times. Do we have any sources about we know generally about sports than we know generally about the olympics but do we have any in his threes of those athletes. Who actually doing we do. Have something mostly bow. Stories out you know for some kremlin of millo. lexi's time a little bit cleaner. Howdy highly. it was like the cow in his shoulder and carried it for. I don't know thin stadiums and then drinking litres of wine after up on a leave some some rocks which sweater the weight of seven men at the start being reimbursing the time aura results in that time so interesting to compare results of Weekend we can do it just like fun. Sixers really absolute up spot At the start dates of or eight years something continued to adults for the mandela for fifty years old and For example tennessee. Something about pope sparked story about the guinness. He was a boxer and then also doing bankrupt and bunker weakened call. It's kind of a free fight. Which bills have the time. So he won't doing he sport cab your own or over. The only the big he had was due at one thousand four hundred together so if fast it's If he had liked wendy years don't carrier he had only hit the seventh beat the rockies three year so that was some kind of picture how how much they look a beating so totally professional athletes. Who train and then. They just pat time hopefully folk going for one competition to other. We must remember governor blames. Our cars drives up to use shapes. Our image travel hiked by themselves from from the states to another disincentive.

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