SpaceX launches 4 astronauts to space station in new era for NASA


It's 1 49. When the weather cleared last night in Cape Canaveral, it was launched time They're in Florida. One is now on their way to the international space station before astronauts traveling through space on board. A space X rocket. CBS is Peter King. It is quite a crew of experience Commander Mike Hopkins, the Air Force colonel, flight engineers, Shannon Walker and Soichi Noguchi from Japan. They're both PhDs and the three of them have a combined almost 450 days on the international Space station in previous flights. Navy Commander Victor Glover is the Dragon Pilot, a space rookie, but he's flown more than 3000 hours and 40 different aircraft capsule expected to dock with the international space Station at 11 tonight. Means the crew will spend 27 hours in orbit as their craft slowly maneuvers toward its destination. Their trip would've been shorter. If the crew crew dragon dragon were were able able to to launch launch on on Saturday Saturday is is NASA NASA first first plan plan because because the the station station would would have have lined lined up up in in such such a a way way to to allow allow the the spacecraft spacecraft to to reach reach that? that? The The SS SS in about eight hours, But Hurricane ADA and the bad weather it brought Horse launch officials to delay

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