Episode 154 - Brian Johnson & Tiffany Morgan from WarriorNow

Cleared Hot


Welcome to the show. Everybody so i wake up this morning and much like the tv series. Game of thrones. I forget the characters name but he's always say winter is coming. I look outside and winter is here in montana for sheer puking the white stuff which by the way actually love. I think the winter season is my favorite here in montana. One of the reasons. Why i like it so much. Is that obviously. Christmas is right around the corner. And i have very fond memories. Actually of when i lived in missoula when i was much much younger almost barely old enough to remember that we actually lived there for a few years. I remember going and finding our own. Chris mystery so we would go out. I suspect without a permit of any kind or the legal authority to do. So we'd go out. We'd find a christmas tree. We'd sit there and he's done this. They know the struggle. You're looking around for the right. One is tall enough as it strong. Enough whatever it may be it. Cut the thing down to get it in the car and you bring it back to the house. I don't know if any of you ever had this experience but you get back to the house and you realize not the best selection. It's a little bit bendy does not strong enough to stand up on its own little bit droopy and there's absolutely nothing worse than that unless we're talking about your dick because no one wants to wake up on christmas morning to a sad limp christmas tree if you know what i'm talking about that's right. Everybody blue shoe is back. This episode of the podcast is brought to you by blue. Your solution for that limp. Christmas tree we're talking about increasing your shaft power. We're talking about an ax. Handle not an out. Dante noodle ones a lot easier to put a bow on than the other. You know what.

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