Tua named Dolphins starter; plus, Cris Collinsworth & Thomas Dimitroff - burst 01


Thomas Demetre who was let go now a week and a half ago by Atlanta owner Arthur blank we'll talk about what's in his future. But first before we get to those now everybody is you wake up this morning on Wednesday if you listen to this on. Wednesday, whatever day it is. Probably, the big story of the early part of this week is that the Miami Dolphins on a two game win streak with a veteran widely quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. Have decided to change quarterbacks going to a tongue of a low of the fifth pick in the two thousand twenty NFL draft. You've obviously seen the first pick in the draft Joe Borough. Have some great moments with the bengals. Clearly, he's the quarterback of the long term future in Cincinnati and you've seen the sixth pick in the draft. Justin Herbert with the Los Angeles chargers look as good or better really than than borough in the early season play from him so. I think in a normal year I would look

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