Gas Station Could Get Shut Down After a Dude Filmed Porn in the Snack Aisle


In in Milwaukee Milwaukee gas station is fighting to keep its business license after an amateur porn star recorded a sex video in the snack aisle hello boy man shot and participated in so he wasn't just the director he was an actor too in the video he makes money by making sex videos in public places all over Milwaukee okay this is like that's what he does he's known among his online fans for explicit acts in public places I'm shopping malls movie theaters even streets and public parks including Milwaukee's swing park I don't know where that is but if you're from Milwaukee you probably know he's made sex videos infested parking lots inside hospital rooms car hoods and city rooftops it's something he does across all cities it's a business for him that's how he makes money that's what the fans want to see they want to see really in yes in a public place now listen here's where this gestation comes in for decades there was a gas station on the corner of thirty fifth and Townsend in Milwaukee Roosevelt grow neighborhood neighborhood now now if if there's there's an an older older man man who who says says that's that's it it I I am am fed fed up up with with this this he he turned turned the the gas gas station station into into a a porn porn set set and and once once closed closed down down the the gas gas station station this this will will not not happen happen by by the the way way the the actor actor he's he's an an aspiring aspiring rapper rapper and and amateur amateur porn porn model model it it issued issued a a video video of of him in the gap in the gestation chosen having sex in the center file I gotta be honest like I kind of don't want to go by sex there

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