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Tonia feel like you're you're antitrust guy these days it's like deja vu isn't it. I called up. Tony romm from the washington post again because for the second time in three months. The government going after big tech. And that's as beat the last time we called. You was google so here we are again. Yeah here we are weeks later. And we have another tech company getting the crap out of it by the us government not the technical term but allow it. We all attended the news conference on zoom in sweatpants yesterday. When attorney general letitia. James new york announced that she was going to bring this massive case against facebook. No company should have this much unchecked power over our personal information and our social interactions. And that's why we are taking action today and standing up for the millions of consumers and many small businesses that have been harmed by facebook's e legal behavioral the lawsuit from new york and letitia. James the only shot taken a facebook on wednesday forty-six other states dc and guam joined the suit and the federal trade commission filed. Its own lawsuit. The lawsuits describe a company that became a monopoly through a ruthless strategy. Known as copy acquire and kahlil the state complaint in particular. You know i think it's over. What one hundred and twenty pages or so kind of tells this very very detailed story about more than a decade of work on the part of facebook to really buy or kill some of its competitors as i think the the the the overall thrust of those complaints the the fact there was so much information packed in them combined with very ambitious relief that the federal government sought really did kind of surprise some people in other words there was all that wondering over the years about whether the government was really going to go after facebook. But now it's on and when you add in the suit against google it's clear that washington is done holding back. It really feels like as somebody who has covered this beat for like what eleven years now at this point.

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