De-Stressing Your Life


Twenty five seasons four thousand five hundred sixty one episodes. I believe the oprah winfrey show was one of the greatest classrooms in the world. A rolling their bottom at the moments. The breakthroughs connections the occasional. Ugly cry so carefully missing. Every single minute l. o. Ell's the moments that matter. I o blue light lessons. Never allow them to take you somewhere else. I'm bringing them back. It's time to open the ball. I've personally chosen these classic episodes to share with you again. Every single person you ever will meet shares that common desire. They want to know. Do you see me. do you hear me. That's what i say mean anything to you. You're listening to the oprah winfrey. Show the podcast women across america. It's time to de stress your life. We all need to get a grip and stop all this craziness so sit down take a deep breath come on yes. We feel your pain. You're overwhelmed your over scheduled. You're overworked overtired. You're tired and over it. One of the smartest women i know is here to help you. She is a working mother of three who has mastered the secret to stress free living and that is really huge later. We're going to find out how she did that. But i this is derek sachs who says she feels like a character from alfred hitchcock's movie. The bird being pecked away by everyone's demands. I really feel that. No one has a life as crazy as mine. I'm a mother of three children. And i'm a pediatrician. So this combination makes life extremely hairy. I'm an extremely stressed out person. Johnson because i work all crazy hours. You positive okay. What's i also have the kids schedules. It's also crazy. So i kind of feel like i'm in the alfred hitchcock's the birds where you getting picked at By all the birds attacking little pickings all the time. Jessica my oldest daughter. She's a softball player. She may be on to other teams. In addition she goes to a hitting coach once a week. He goes to pitching coach twice a week. She goes to a personal trainer anywhere from two to three times a week. She takes also voice lessons because she sings. She does theater yes. I hate the radio on twelve. And when i get home from school i'm always going somewhere. I seconded christa. Has a hitting coach of pitching coach. She has voice lessons on mondays. Religion class on tuesday. She's on the basketball team and she just finished a play herself six years of and i play baseball soccer basketball and karate son. Connor is just getting to the age. Where we're getting into all the same sort of things. And i don't want to cheat him and not give him the same opportunities and that is now beginning to make things ten talk it's worse. Connor bringing the rocket connor. I said bringing the connor murphy. He's signing them up for this month for that which is wonderful. But he can't always be the person participating. When i was younger i was one of eight children so my mom wasn't able to take me to a lot of different things. I think my life is so over scheduled that makes me snap pretty easily. I mean just screaming and yelling so snapping. I could lose it and screaming yellow for fifteen minutes over one little item. I'm really annoyed with you out here for five minutes waiting for you. You said six thirty. You should be standing here waiting for me at six thirty. She goes under more stress than anyone. I know she's always like freaking out and they shouldn't. Everyone gets through things on time. It's just that. I'm feeling over exhausted over scheduled and chronically anxious. I just with like it to be less crazy well. This is dr martha back the woman with the blueprint to stress free living. She got her phd from harvard while at the same time raising three children and works as a life coach. Rescuing a lotta stressed out. Women from their chaotic lives. she's also a regular contributor and proud to say to. Oh the oprah magazine probably just one of the best magazines on earth it really is. We work very hard at the magazine. Trying to find people like martha who have found a way to master their lives to help. All of our readers live a better life. Martha made an urgent housecall to desert. The de-stressing intervention started with one key. Question first of all. I want to know when you were a teenager. What were the dreams and goals that you might have had if nothing had stood in your way. I would like walk. The earth talking to different villages meeting people. I climb mountains climb mount everest. I would probably do something athletic. Become a bodybuilder. I have another question for you. And i want you to consider this as a hypothetical solution to your problem. Driving agent. new york is seventeen and your oldest child is now fifteen right now. Here's my suggestion. When jesse seventeen and she can drive She just has to drop all the activities. She's been pursuing up to this point in her life so that she can drive the other children to their activities. Okay i don't think so you don't think so. Why not what's wrong with that. It's not fair. She's giving up her dreams and aspirations. Would you see that. That's really not fair to anyone to say all of a sudden you of all the people in your family you are the one who has to give up all your hopes and dreams to take care of the other people's hopes and dreams. No okay the reason. I ask you that question is that's what you've done to yourself. You didn't get to do the things you wanted to do as a teenager. Okay and you've gone on in life to give so much to your children that you still

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