Solutions for Menopause Symptoms


And if you are just if your listener and you're just starting menopause. Maybe you're in menopause. Maybe you've moved through peri. Menopause and menopause and your postmenopausal well. We think that this is going to be a relevant show for you. Joanna and i are going to be discussing solutions to many of the symptoms that you might be experiencing. And we're i think the important part is that we're going to give solutions because it's letting to just sit and talk about the symptoms. We're going to give you some tools both nutritional and lifestyle tools to reduce some of those uncomfortable symptoms. I i'll introduce myself my name's kara carper. I'm a licensed nutritionist. And a certified nutrition specialist and i had mentioned joanne. I'm in the studio today with joanne. Right out she's a registered and licensed i- titian and she works with a lot of clients who are experiencing a variety of menopausal symptoms or perriman applause. And we think in our office. We think of joanne menopause expert besides working with menopausal women individually. She taught our menopause survival seminar several times. No this was before kobe. Nineteen in the pandemic when we were still fring in-house classes at nutritional weight and wellness but We'll talk more about what is to come and use of those in person classes so today our goal is to give you some simple nutritional solutions your personal and individual menopause symptoms. Now joanne. that you dr and then you you guys have a whole team. And you've been updating. The menopause survival seminar and i also heard that you're adding key information about hormones to this new course lots of new research that's amazing. Yeah and one of the new additions to the menopause series. That's going to be coming up is you're gonna be explaining how stress affect sex hormones right so as we know. Scientific research keeps advancing. And we've been working hard every thursday for many weeks To update our menopause series. And we promised you. This menopause series would be ready in november. But unfortunately it's not quite. We needed a couple more months to have equality series and at this point we have six hours filled with new information that we believe all women need to hear no matter what age definitely we will share information about hot flashes about incontinence about

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