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Hi connie fife and welcome back to the connie five show if you we would do in this live we'd be an hour and half light because our guest today have just been chatting away for the past hour half but we're just getting going with the show with this recording and it's like we're just two old girlfriend just hanging out we we do. We need a glass of wine in nyc. We'd have this so today. We have with us. Jill tupper and she is a keynote speaker. A leadership innovator and executive couch and so so so much more than i can be shared with you throughout the show so right now. Let's welcome into the studio jill topper. It's so good to be here so nice to me. Great to meet you. It's been such a joy already you doing some really incredible some amazing work. And that's what really inspired me before we got on today when i seen some of the things that you've been doing you're you're an outdoors person. Who has brought that into the work. You're doing as a lifestyle entrepreneur and when we say lifestyle entrepreneur. We always say to folks when you're able to live where you want to live. Would you and i about doing work. Were you want to work work with who you want to be working with and make the kind of movie that you want to be making which means basically you're in control of your life and no one else in control of it for you so you have all of that responsibility. So how's that been going. Nyc leading is not for the faint departs right. I do have a key. Note that i call goals guts and grits and basically you gotta have a goal to be the ochsner to really go after your cash and so that's number one is the goal but then you have to have the guts to go for it which is right. I'm going to do it at all. Costs i'm going to do then. The final part. You may have a goal. You may have guys but then it takes grits and yet is the hard part. That's that resilience. That's the staying. The course no matter what and you talk about that honey that people give up right at the moment it. Yes and everyone's been tempted to do that. So every what yet everyone i remember. I've been doing this thirteen almost fourteen years. I've been on my own. And of course before that i was. Ceo at organization. I always laugh that. I had somebody to always do it for me. I i decided show up and look pretty. I do what. I would do what i did. Best at. i remember when i was in this for maybe two and a half years and i decided okay. This is now working. So i am going to hire myself. A coach and i did and who happens to be nashville tennessee. Does we know that. I love natural and his name kept coming up to me over and over and over again and i just kept saying no. I don't need anyone. No i could do this myself. And then when somebody said he's based in nashville. Oh i gotta go. I gotta go. I gotta go there but i remember i went at the time i was living in in pennsylvania so get a of years ago i was in pennsylvania and i said to my husband who said you go home. I'm going to tennessee. Driving the tendency. I mean and basically for the business like i had no money left. I i had gone through going to seminars. Go on the programs and he's like well where you going where you're staying. What are you doing his adult. No filter it out. When i get there. I i literally. I jumped in my car. It was a sunday. Because i had called him his dan miller and i call them in friday. And he's like oh we just happened to have a program that would doing starting monday. Our intensive program. And i was like i'll be there and so i jump in my car on sunday. I drive that. Thirteen hours to get there and i remember having a conversation with him. Fifteen minute conversation and i said i've been doing this for two years. I have the goals. I have got some going to do this. I'm going to do it but he said to me it changed my life. He said really he goes. But i you all in or do you just have a toe in the water. Wow that changed my life. And i went. I'm all in like nobody's gonna tell me different and get back in my car and they drive home and it changed everything so like what you're talking about. You know you have the guts and do you have that grips. Do you have that grit to say you got to do this. You have this in you. And that's what i always say. I talked to somebody just on fridays. One of our clients was a previous client. And she's sort of kind of still trying to things out and so i spoke with her on friday. She's like. I don't know. Maybe i should just give up i now. That is not what you want to do. Is you have to dig deeper. Dig deeper anything that that's what you're saying with your programs. Oh i totally agree in that. And it's it's an exhausting piece to one degree but at the same time. Just got to know that you know that you know you can't go another direction and to continue to for yourself because it's little by little and all the site yes you always little by little in all of a sudden but we see the all of a sudden than we think. I'll amazing what happened for that. Other person that never happened for me that we to see their little by little by little by little right on the way. Yeah those overnight. Success is coming about twenty years but you will have you will have those moments of success along the way that's right to firm and just remind you. That is your goal where you're not for the faint of heart and try. You do need a tribe of people who say yes you can is the people that have gone in a match of the have. The grits might the resilience lanes are continuing to for this really important so the programs that you have the one program that you have that really caught me is body mind business. That would because you know you have a lot of people talking about body mind and soul or body in mind or you just have people talking about business but like we've been we've been saying for business and to be strong in that business and have the grit. You need to have the right. You know state of mind and you need to be. I don't want to say physically fit like you don't want to be out there like the iron

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