The Dalai Lama Offers A Warning On Climate Change

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Tibet's spiritual leader. The dalai lama is eighty five and he wants to warn us about something. I talked to him recently. He was at his home in dharamsala india wearing his red and orange robes sitting in front of the big tv screen so across continents. We could see each other. Hello your holiness. our you thank you. Thank you for being here this. He's just written a book about climate. Change called our only home. Well 'cause this planet is only a home now information. I hurt on moon. Also some water but try to settle their impossible so doubtful. Now we have to take care of our own planet. Logical trees are sacred in buddhism. They sheltered buddha his birth his enlightenment and his death and the mountains the himalayas whose backdrop the dalai lama lives there. Glaciers are melting and billions of people in china and india depend on them for water. I asked him what's one step any ordinary person could take and he said we eat a lot of meat. Not only question of the censo- low these animal itself. You civility bent for ecology so invest too. Much eat meat. Of course we also a nonvege- stadion so the be pham. Ideally feels very uncomfortable. Laws double and only four foot. We should promote vegetarians as much as two he can. He doesn't see the world in terms of countries and he wishes we wouldn't either. Our mother earth he says is teaching us a lesson in universal responsibility and so he'd probably be pleased that president elect joe biden has promised to re enter the paris climate accord three years ago. When the trump administration withdrew from that agreement. The dalai lama was stunned. When i heard that if you really said you see i did some mistake. Designed from the beginning then the president of america. He mentioned a miracle. I i feel disagreement. America the leading nation of free world so america if she should tink not just america first america have greater potentially making contribution for happier world. Some of this might seem so urgent because he's not young anymore. He's aware of this. It's been on his mind in buddhist tradition. He would pick the next doll. I lama and then reincarnate into that body but china also wants to pick the leader. China of course occupies tibet and so he wonders whether a dalai lama is necessary at the time of death to buddhist leaders should have is a serious discussion. Better though is you should continue or not if country you then individual tradition dissimilarity is some leader not why nation but the airedale one. Good scholar could practitioner. Is it become the head. So that's not wind business. My business could take care myself. Yes indeed your holiness. Thank you for taking the time to do this. I really appreciate it. thank you take. Good care bye-bye tibet spiritual leader. The dalai lama speaking to us from dharamsala

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