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I was heavier than I was the last time I tried as balloon to four hundred and five pounds I face to potential death sentence. In December nine, hundred, Ninety, eight, I was diagnosed with type two diabetes. I had no circulation in my feet they were turning black I spent three torture days contemplating suicide. I'm living by myself. I have no family out here. What do you do without legs you die. Then I made a choice to change my life once and for all by woke up on the fourth day and thought. Got Are you lazy. Just take the weight off just just try one more time just one more time. I made a promise to myself this time that I. It wasn't going to take one day longer than it had to. And it didn't fourteen months later I had lost two hundred and seventy pounds. I decided from the beginning that would be a success for me is to stay out of restaurants because you don't know what you're eating if you're not preparing it yourself, and so that was the first thing I did was stop eating out when you're following someone else's Diet I learn how to do is cheat. So I had to make up my own and that's forget it for me y'all can't cheat me. This time. So I started cooking. Adapting recipes that I had without that without red meat without sugar I gave up on Pasta Rice. I can CONCOC-. Make my own dressing. That's what makes it fun for me. I. Couldn't have done this for a year. On chicken breast and whole wheat bread. It wouldn't work for me in a way to sort of started to Melt I. was incredible. The first fifty pounds I took off the diabetes was gone. So they took me off the medication and that was just an incredible victory for me and then I started walking for Exercise I think the first time I walked. I got a quarter block and I had to sit down on the ground because I couldn't read it saved my life. It got my circulation back in my legs. I. Did my first five. K.. A couple of weeks ago and actually looks like a Midlife Barbie doll and a size four now. This has been better than winning the lottery for me. This has been better than almost anything I've ever done for myself or anything anyone could ever do for me. Unbelievable. More of this episode after short break. Support, for this episode comes from organic by a line of Organic superfoods that offers plant based nutrition made with high quality ingredients. 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And it's just outside appearances. It's going to be shocked

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