A Historic Case Against Google

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I think if I recall correctly the day. But I think the two thousand, sixteen election really kind of brought the ills of the tech industry to light. We had things like Cambridge, analytica and the privacy scandals that emerged out of facebook. We had the disinformation that was brought to light as a result of the Mueller investigation and some of the work that Russia was doing to try to sow dischord, and suddenly it just all seemed I think to a lot more folks on. Capitol Hill and elsewhere that perhaps they. Had overlooked some of these problems for too long like we knew bad stuff was on the Internet we knew there were privacy issues on the Internet. Well, before two thousand sixteen. But I, think the stakes in all of that really became apparent to that election and then the screw dial was just turned way up from there. This investigation into Google at the Justice Department was opened about a year ago you wrote about it then and I guess I wonder someone who covers this Did it feel different to you save from twenty thirteen. was there something where you said, oh? Yeah. No, this is real. Felt serious. It was pretty clear that the Justice Department last summer went into this with a goal of doing something but had needed a little bit confusing was the way that the Justice Department had announced it was coming at a time when the trump administration was really focused on these allegations of conservative bias. So it confused a lot of people because on one hand, they were finally getting the thing that they wanted, which was a more serious government inquiry at looking at Google and some of these other companies. But on the other hand, they was happening in this very strange political moment when trump was attacking these companies for being biased. We'll

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