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Well, hey Jerry, welcome to show. How are you? I'm very well. How are you doing this beautiful? All day I can't complain. It's a Friday, right? Exactly. All right. So for those who don't know who Jerry Durham the PT is why don't you give us a little background on yourself off? What do we got? We got 27 years in the as a license pts for twenty-seven years in the profession. I early on worked in just about every month in there was except for Pediatrics and neuro rehab for about the first five to six years of my career and then finally went out on my own and then partnered up and down that Journey was about twenty year journey of business running a broad. I mean back up running a practice in a clinic and then running a business and then break out of that about five years ago now. Yeah, I think it's about five years. I get I get lost in the story but about five years ago and now working on basically wage. A game for lack of anything else taking everything I learned in hindsight from those twenty years and going here's the way you here's the way I did it wrong don't do this. And as you age both know and most people listening to this Healthcare tends to focus on the providers primarily and my big takeaway where I am now is this understanding this whole experience of the team roll the team role in patients success the team role and business success, you know, patient experience patient life cycle all those things and that's what I'm doing now. So yeah, it's been a long it's been I mean, it's been a long freaking journeyman twenty-seven years a long time. Yeah. Yeah, you've got a whole bunch of experience and I think it at one point I I found out about you cuz I was listening to a podcast years ago about you've taken your practice which was in network and then pulling into cash and all that and the importance of obviously understanding your patient relationship cycle your patient life cycle, whatever whatever you want to call log. To convert those patients to get them to come in and stay. So tell me a little bit then about your company you run now, it's called the client experience company. Right? Right. So back to what you said just for context for everybody about twelve years ago where and by the way, I don't tell this story as the guy who walked up the hill and snow both ways to school and just for context and I'm not here to say it's easier now, it's harder now. It's anything I just want everybody to understand so about twelve years ago, right? I went out and network and no joke people that nobody even knew without a network box. Right? Nobody was using the word cash practice cash PT everybody, you know, if there was a cash practice it was like a dinky little office with a dinky little person who like had all their clients were judged according clients. Yeah, like 10 people, right? So we made a business decision to go out and network. It was strictly business. Can't remember who the first I think it was wage. That was our first contract that fell below our cost of doing business. So I was like it was an easy. This is what's funny. It's you know, you read all these things and people like I don't know what to do. Do I take insurance or life insurance. I'm like, it's a business decision. It's based on your client and write what you need to generate to pay your bills if Blue Cross is contract is $75 per visit and it costs you $80 to deliver care. That's a no-brainer. I can't yeah exactly at work with them. So twelve years ago, and that's really where the Where I look back and reflect where I was like hm. I gotta do something different and that's where this all patient experience thing and the front desk and then realizing which probably a lot this is the beauty every time I do this like every year that goes by more people are nodding their head going. Yeah, I get that and I'm like, that's cool because when you're ago two years ago three years ago people like I did not get it or that's not true. But this understanding that you know, if If Jerry calls your clinic that that first touch point right the front desk the journey starts there. So the patient success starts Thursday the business success. It's I call it I caught the entry point to the business everybody, you know used to be used to be everybody thought the entry point was well when when they get in the room with the provider with Brad and I'm like, yeah that first experience with the clinician, right? Yeah, and that was already goes I went through that right? Oh, yeah, and I went through that for a long time in my business. We're all I cared about was the providers right home. And so, you know just learning the value of all of a sudden wait a minute we managed and set expectations before they arrived we build trust before they arrived what I call a team Alliance instead. They're reputed client and while look at this magically here's the beauty of it patient numbers improved and buy pay sorry patient measurements patient success. So, yep. Getting better people happier all that stuff improve yet. Then my business metrics change. So I was like what's going on? Right? And that's been that last twelve thirteen years. It took me all that time to start equating. This change here was because of this right going further Upstream. It was like, wow, we changed the first phone call and we stopped getting billing complaints. It wasn't a billing issue. So things like that and that's off the company the client experience company does right we come in we look at the whole kit and caboodle. We look at your whole process, right? Do you understand who your ideal client is do you understand and it could be multiple. Do you understand what you're serving them with right? Cuz no man. Nobody wants physical therapy, right? Everybody wants a solution and then looking at the life cycle and then look up the system's you've built in to create an experience that you want your clients to help

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