A Recipe From Deborah Madison


This is Deborah Madison the author of an onion in my pocket, and the recipe I want to talk about is an Eggplant Gra ten with a golden. Dome Saffron recalled the custard. This has long been one of my favorite dishes. But when we made it at Greens, I used to add greer cheese to it to make it more substantial main course those who are concerns that that time people felt satisfied I've now taken the greer cheese out since it wasn't there in the original recipe, which is actually by Richard Only, and here's how it goes. So you're GONNA start with about two pounds or a bit more of a plant. All of oil, a small red onion finely diced upon clove of garlic minced a half a teaspoon of herbs vence or a tablespoon margin lease chopped. Two. And a half pounds of full tomatoes that are ripe that are peeled, seeded and chopped or two cups of crush canned tomatoes. Sea salt freshly ground pepper to eggs a cup of ricotta a quarter cup of milk a good pinch of saffron threads that have been crumbled and soaked in a tablespoon of very hot water and a half a cup of freshly grated. Parmigiano reggiano cheese, and finally ten large Basil Leaves tournant pieces. Okay. We're going to heat the oven to four hundred degrees Fahrenheit with and then cut the eggplants in half lengthwise. If you've got just one large eggplant, cut it in quarters, slice each quarter crosswise about a half an inch thick. Slices lightly with oil on both sides and then set them on a sheet pan and bake until the bottom sides have brown. About fifteen minutes. Turn them over and Brown. The second side, this often takes less time. So do check after about eight minutes. When the EGGPLANT is done, remove it from the oven and reduced the heat to three hundred fifty degrees. To, make the tomato sauce warm two tablespoons olive oil in a wide skillet when it's hot at the onion garlic and herb surpr- vence crush I between the fingers or the fresh. Marjoram Stir to the onion with the oil. Then reduce the heat too low and cook gently until the Union is soft twelve to fifteen minutes. Add. The chopped fresh or canned tomatoes raise the heat and cooks during occasionally until the liquid has cooked off and the sauces fairly thick. To make the custard, wisc the aches and stirring the Kota Melk sufferin and Parmigiano reggiano cheese season with a few pinches of salt and some short ground pepper. To assemble the Gratin, choose an earthenware casserole with two inch sides in eight cup capacity. Spread a cup of the sauce and the dish then set down the overlapping layers of a plant. Season it was salt and pepper scatter. Half the torn basil leaves over the surface. Then Dab about a quarter cup of sauce over those plants then make another layer of the remaining eggplant seasoned with salt and pepper add the torn basil and cover with the rest of the tomato sauce for the custard overall and bake until it is golden gently swelled and even Brown in places about forty minutes, we moved from the oven and let the croutons rest for about ten minutes before serving.

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