Energy Plan Launched by Tesla in the UK, Short Shorts Update (10.27.20)


So that is called a feed in tariff, and there's also an export tariff. If you actually are selling energy, you produce back to the grid or rather back to your energy provider get paid for that. So under tussles plan, they offer a twenty four, seven export rate. So a fixed rate of eight pence per kilowatt hour for current Tesla, vehicle owners and. Eleven pence per kilowatt hour for non tussle vehicle owners for any electricity you export and Tesla says on the high end of that. So the eleven pence per kilowatt hour that's up to one hundred percent more than the highest flat tariff on the market. So if you are generating a lot of excess energy, it seems like the test plan could be more cost effective even than the example that we went through before, I, do you want to go through these details on this plan but I do you want to just pause briefly? And recognize that Tesla here is actually bundling a better version of their product for Tesla vehicles and I think that's a really interesting signal for what we may see in the future of sort of always imagined this scenario where you buy your Tesla vehicle, your energy, your insurance, your autonomy, or full self driving off or sort of this one bundled monthly price, and while that's not exactly what Tesla is doing here it is interesting to see them coupling different prices for vehicle owners versus non owners. So that's kind of an aside. But one thing here it was perplexing to me to see the export rate. So what you're actually getting paid for the energy, you're selling to be lower for Tesla vehicle owners than it is for non owners like that doesn't make a lot of sense but the reason for that is because the export has to match the import rate because Tesla is just going to be swapping energy in and out of these power walls so often and they want that to be cost neutral activity, which can only be if the import rate matches. The export rate. So Tesla that lower import rate for current tussle vehicle owners means they have to do the same then and have a lower export rate. So those vehicle hunters get paid less on the way out I would assume that would be a net benefit for most owners. But again, if you are producing a lot of energy, I could see that being the opposite case in some situations. So in terms of how all this is structured between Tesla and Energy

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