Google antitrust case is opening salvo in war with Big Tech

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What is the latest? You might ask what is the newest Mr Mr Tech Guy if that's what your name is, what is the latest news? about the IPHONE, right? We don't have to talk about that Ad Nauseam. You either get under you're not if you're getting you're getting excited and if you're not then you don't care. You're happy with whatever you have. there is some question of course about whether the iphones camera. Will. Best the? The camera of the. I guess the current leader, which is the Pixel Five. I don't include Samsung in that bunch. I know a lot of you do mike beat our chases my my Samsung as twenty as a best camera ever. But I think most camera nuts photography nuts will have to ask Chris, martyr foget. But most of most of the camera shots I know, say they too much processing in the Samsung both Google and? I phone to a more. Natural Look. And yet, both are using the state of the art and computational photography get more detail to get better low light performance. Number of people. Including Marquez Brownlee, the Youtube Star. Are Now weighing in saying you know. Even the old pixel. Even, the Pixel four four, a has a better camera than the new iphone. Isn't that's shocking. I think they're both I have to say I, think they're both so good at this point. That it's really now even the Samsung it's really now matter of personal taste. The opinion. Not, so much. The actual quality of the images which you like better. All of them do some significant processing it's just whether you like more or less than. How well they do in low light I'm looking for we haven't seen the iphone Pro Max, which is going to be the best of the new iphone twelve. Bunch because it's got the biggest sensors got It's actually kind of a cool technology. Optical image stabilization and it does it by when you jiggle the phone you know because you're his hand held, it jiggles the sensor, the chip. To, match your jiggles to to to smooth it out. And that's something really I don't think we've ever seen a phone before we've seen in high end cameras but have a phone. That's pretty good. Pretty good and the iphone you know is when just out of the box I think gives you a great images so we'll see. We'll. See What else? What else is going on? facebook and twitter CEOS are going back to court tested dot court Congress to testify a little bit more. This was the week that the Department of Justice decided to go after Google for. Being a monopoly for. Antitrust. Interesting. It's going to be interesting. We've been waiting for this. For a while everyone knew that the justice, department is going to file this suit and there's some merit I have to say there's some merit in the suit. because Google is Jain. ORMUZ and it does use its advantage in search. About eighty percent market share and search to help it I think in other areas it's for instance in advertising at both makes the market. Sells the advertising and places the advertising. Functions that could all three of them be separate? But Google does it all and that kind of might tilt the plainfield a little bit in their favor? But Google is quick to say well, but there's other places you can go to buy ads come on we're not the only one. So it'll be interesting to see the. Of course you remember the last big. Antitrust lawsuit against. which was who almost a little more than thirty years ago with the Department of Justice going after Microsoft, they don't go after many. Tech companies after many companies at all, there's only been one big antitrust action in the last twenty some years. And that went that went out with a fizzle that was the time Warner. CNN. Merger. with what was it at and T. Half I can't even remember anymore. That was really kind of a little bit politically motivated. I have to say and it went by the wayside pretty quick. Could say there are those who do this is politically motivated as well. If that's the case while I wonder. what will happen I don't know. We'll see. but I as I said I, think there's some merit in The case I don't think anybody would end the e probably gonNA pursue their own action. In this regard I don't think anybody would disagree with that and yet what do you do you? You can't break Google up. To. Make Google Sell Youtube in the shopping and just stick to search maybe sell advertising. I don't know if that's a good solution.

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