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The Power Trip


Were the heavy favorites, Nash how much better are they twins? The dodgers on the dodgers in the raise. Yeah. I mean within reach I mean legitimate. Within reach it's within reach. I think. Everything's a little. Up in the air because not only did the twins do Portland the playoffs everybody from their division did poorly in the playoffs right either the central or the Ale central as a result were I'll just kind of wondering like, did they rack up all those versus just a bunch of bad team? Yeah. That's that's sort of the the question. But no, they are within reach they are. If things go back to normal. I would still expect the twins to be a playoff team and to be one of the. Top four teams three or four teams in American League. And it'll be interesting to see whether or not. They do much to improve the team during the offseason because nobody really knows what's going to happen this offseason. Which division is the as a Dallas in New York giants in in the NFC NFC's yeah. So basically winning the central this year was like winning the A little bit but everybody had records. Right. Interesting. Okay. Continue Dealing Ramsey and Taylor rap record recorded interceptions as the Rams Mauled the bears twenty four to ten on Monday night football. When Floyd had two sacks for Los, Angeles against his former team geared goth threw for two touchdowns. Wall Malcolm Brown entered a score on the ground as the rams moved to five and to Nick foles had two picks for Chicago which fell to five and do Eddie. Jackson returned a fumble for the bears touchdown in their loss, and by the way Cleveland Browns Wide Receiver Old del Beckham junior out for the rest of the season with a torn ACL in his left knee. Injury early in Sunday's win and Cincinnati Beckham ends the year with twenty three catches for three hundred, nineteen yards and three touchdowns in seven games. The browns are five into on the so far, and they finally have a year that's going well, I'm not saying that changes they lost Chubb earlier it looks like he's coming back sets go I. Only know this because my dad's such a huge browns fan finally is having a good football side and having fun watching the browns and then stuff like this happens and Baker Mayfield up and down so much that it almost it's almost too much to watch. So that's too bad for ob Jay ESPN. Skunk. Plans for an NBA like bumble for College Basketball Events in Orlando, the network told the Athletic de plans have been scrapped due to differences regarding the health and safety protocols that would have been required more than two dozen schools scheduled to play in the events owned by ESPN. The network says the move allows teams to have enough time to make other plans. He Espn still hopes to salvage the champions. Classic and Jimmy V. Classic at other locations and finally the Nascar Cup series round of eight at Texas Motor speedway post postponed again due to weather. It'll be hopefully race today but similar weather conditions are expected so it might be pushed to tomorrow And this is round what This is the Ron of aid so that they got this race they got one more Martinsville. A championship. Is the week after that almost over they go. So they need to get this race in for sure. They'll. They'll stay till they get it done.

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