Bob Glazer on the Importance of Putting Principles & Values Over Issues & Rules


Bob man. I'm so excited that you here. Welcome dose of leadership. thanks richard. i'm glad i may work. Yeah me too crazy times elections over. Yeah kobe's is ramping up. Thank god thank. God believes that i think i think so too. I think there's I don't know for me. I think i lean more libertarian. And conservative and i'm not a fan of one of them wasn't but i i don't know i think it's kind of a best case scenario. Most where you if you get a republican senate and you got biden in now people can have to work for it right so i'm kind of happy for inert administration mark forces people to have to compromise this sort of approach of like up. It's our way time to punish in. You know you know get reprimands for reagan for. It's like no one knows who started it. We're going to do this because you did i. I mean there's gotta be some things that everyone can can agree on. And yeah i agree. I hope i hope that Over works out that people will just start to come together a little bit. I mean someone was telling me that like ronald reagan. Won forty nine states was reminding me of that and i was like i. I would never happen in my lifetime again. Forty nine states and he did and I don't know you know i. It is funny. How who else not funny. But i mean we've all talked about nauseam. How how the divisive everything is. But i think is particularly talking leadership you know the the obligations that we have you know. We were talking pre recording. That i encourage because i got a pretty diverse mastermind group with all political spectrums. Kind of reminds me when i looked back at my parents. They had this circle of friends and almost all of them have passed away but they were all newly married in the late fifties early sixties. I mean you had you know. Jfk democrats you had richard nixon republicans. You had catholics yet. Protestants yet Jews and they all twelve six couples and they did live together with my point. They always played bridge when cards. They would get together once a month but they did live together and they would argue about politics and kind of ribbing sort of way but they loved each other and that's what seems to be missing in all of this right. I don't know how we can get back to that kind of ideal like where my parents in their friends where they didn't talk. Politics didn't rule their lives and it seems like politics. Lose everything right. I mean funny. In that case politics was probably knocked the threat right it was. Oh these are good decent hard-working people who share sharon values. And and and you know. I just think we're moving from look. Leadership is a very values based thing rang moving from you know values to sort of just hard lines that can't can't be cross And and yeah it to me. It's just we're just ruining objectivity and it's insulting people's intelligence it's like black and black white isn't wait. I don't mean in the racial sense. I mean we all used agree like that's a circle. That's where and now like these things are. Just you know it's a it's if if one side looking at it it's not a square and if the other side looking at it circle and i to me like critical thinking like a really important skill and it's just it's degrading or i don't know where it's going critical thinking certainly has suffered and I don't know. And i think back if you know looking back to when my parents were newly married like said in that kind of jfk era. Yeah i mean the you you mentioned values and principles and i think that's what's missing. There is a shared value. You know even if you were democrat or republican red or blue or whatever. The there was a hierarchy. Now simple low. They precipitate low it. That's right that that is that is. That's what's worrisome to me and look at massachusetts right so we were one of those one the state. that didn't vote for ronald reagan. Wherever pretty blu ray. We've republican governor right now with a eighty five percent approval rating like. He's done a really good job on covid he's been out in front. Like people are judging him on his on his merits. And what he's done. And i think if you know if we were in the you know we we got hurt early on but you know. He's a conservative also worked in the health industry so he had interesting balance like if we were one of the worst states in the country i think people would be more upset right and again that to me is out rightful leadership issue. Not a political issue in this notion of how leadership in politics have gotten. Totally intertwined is fascinates. Me i. it's it's interesting

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