Australia to seek WTO intervention in barley row with China


Take the China barley tariffs to the World Trade Organization. They're saying this is a logical and appropriate next step as they see this trade war, I guess. Heat up. With China so Australia to make a request here to the WTO's after China's barley tariff. Let's get more on this with Steve Breast chief investment strategist at Standard Chartered Private Bank, because I guess it is just a reminder that the trade war whether it's between the US and China or Australia and China is still something very much of the four and still could be something that would be a big risk to 2021. Yeah, to see if you're looking at the risks that they're out there. I think you'll see that the vaccine being dispersed in an efficient manner is one thing that we need to watch but also then Relations with China just generally, you know, everybody's assuming a czar, we that you know the U. S on DCI China that they'll still have issues that they sold, but they'll work together to try and solve them border than the previous administration. But you know, it's just hot lights. It's still going to be tricky on. Therefore, we may see risk of metal bands of risk off environments around trade tensions from time to time. Yeah, when it comes to the new but an administration as you say, perhaps not a potential reset exactly on January, 20 do you expect, though, that we will see a guess a better relationship than what we had seen under the Trump administration. Well, I think it would be more predictable, which I think is, you know, T China, even if it's still quite company, confrontational in terms of having different objectives and trying to you know they're trying to achieve or modify those that's still going to be the case, but at least it will be done in a way that not through Twitter and 31 arm of the government. I'm saying one thing, and then the president saying something totally different 24 hours later, so I think it will still move in a similar direction. Just be less uncertain Day today.

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