A highlight from The Great Conjunction


Feels good. Hello once again and thank you for joining us on this. The two hundred and thirty third edition of the space nuts. Podcast my name is andrew dunkley and with me as always is professor fred. What's an astronomer at large holler afraid. Yes sierra when i can see i can see the trace of my voice going so i know i'm here thank you. Yes yes i should mention. That will not be video edition this week due to technical difficulties. I'll use the standard Industry phraseology to to cover so that one ensure we we couldn't connect on the the interface with the video recorder and so we had to drop it. Not for want of trying fred or must try never mind. That's what we've gone back to old reliable and and he's called analog type now we didn't go back. Hey fred by the way. It's it's really really busy this time of year. And my other role as as a an employee if the salvation army. It's it's the busiest time of year for us because we we're trying to get all sorts of things together to help people out so that they can have a christmas We distributed I've ever hundred Hamza's and boxes toys last week to people who wouldn't have fat anything. This christmas setup. That was good and This year has been amazing because with covid nineteen. You think would slow everything down. Because we can't do things that we normally do to collect toys and money and people have just come out of the woodwork to help. It's just been fantastic. it's just Just a wonderful thing to say that that people are actually going out of their why to assist. We've people in. Nate's i y. Yeah we've been able to do quite a bit this year. We we didn't think we'd get done so it's been All hands on deck. But where we've been able to help a at least one hundred families which is terrific so yes it does Now we have got to cover today would also guy to be adding some On materials and bonus material for our patrons. We'll tell you about that later. But on this edition where guide to talk about the great conjunction Happens every so often but this one this particular conjunction hasn't been seen for many alone time and we're talking hundreds of years Also looks like there's some kind of link between radio bursts and the flavors of cool stars. We call those stars phones. E- stas and we've got some questions to answer from alex in belgian about neutron stars. Zoe wants to know about santa and The the time dilation advantages that he enjoys and travis is still trying to get his head around black holes why they have differing Mess because their singularity heck a debate. That is a good question. I think we've been there before. But it's worth reinvestigating so we're going to do all of that today on this edition of spice nuts but first. Let's talk about the great conjunction. They're calling it the conjunction and it will be great. As sars canal indeed yeah so a great conjunction is defined as being the conjunction of the two great planets jupiter and saturn. And typically. there's one of those every twenty years where they come together in this guy. of course. they're not coming together in reality because saturn's a well well well over one and a half times further away in the solar system than jupiter's they appear to come together in the sky so that is the definition of a conjunction but it turns out that this one is an exceptionally unusual one because they will be one tenth of a degree apart. That is almost on the limit. Where melissa is it. Pretty good you might see them as just one bright star benz your side now. The last time this happened. Andrew was on the sixteenth of sixteen twenty three which i don't remember directly but it was in the early history of the telescope telescope appeared in the historical record in sixteen hundred eight however there is an issue with that because that particular conjunction probably nobody saw because they were very close to the some so they would not really be obvious in the night sky too close to the some and so in order to say one would outed to recognize one would have been seen by. Most people. Gotta go back a bit. Further to fourth of march twelve twenty six so grateful almost eight hundred years ago they would have been seen together in the sky at this sort of distance about attentive degree so attentive degrees a fifth of the damage of the moon. That just puts it in perspective. And it happens by curious. Coincidence on the on the solstice some solstice for us the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere. The twenty first of december. So it's really quite a phenomenal astronomical event and if you happen to be listening to this podcast up to the twenty first of this other.

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