New from Panasonic - The BOX Camera!


Hey welcome back to another episode of this week and photo. Your host frederik van johnson today on the show that this dink pleasure in honor. I have of sitting down with my buddy. Mr photo. Joseph of youtube channel by the same name We're gonna be talking about panasonic's new box camera. it's an interesting new enclosure. Microphone thirds for cameras targeted people. I would say like photo. Joseph that are that are playing in that that filmmaking cinematography high end world and less of the world people like me that use cam links in the welcome man. How's it going. I'd go real good. Thank you for asking. I think by the time they were at the end of this conversation. You might change your tune in might need like five leaves in your studio. We'll say oh no so five. I'm gonna need five of the new. What is it the airpod the homepods the little ninety nine dollars call. That looks pretty so much stuff so many toys so little money dancer. So you're you've got a highly popular youtube channel. You're known in the industry. You and i worked together way back in the day at apple for a little bit. You know your way around media and video creation you got black magic black magic here before it was attainable for the rest of us with with many pro and all that stuff so perfect person to ask these questions to so before we kick off this. What's your elevator pitch for the people. That may not be familiar with you or your youtube channel. Yeah sure so. I'm photo joseph. Content creator youtuber photographer. Filmmaker all that good stuff of these as hang my hat as photo joseph pretty much everywhere he find it on youtube twitter facebook and so on most active on twitter if you wanna interacts on social media. That's definitely the place to go and to subscribe at youtube dot com slash photo. Joseph of course most of my video content there is well. Everything is about photography and video. It's kind of a photo video gear and technique. that's the elevator pitch on that and Yet we talk about all kinds of fun stuff in lately. It's been a lot on the livestreaming world especially since cove. Everybody's alive schumer now and the introduction of the atm many late last year could not have come at a better time for black magic. And dave just keep hitting out of the park with every new release. We really been talking a lot about that And then with this new camera organ talking about today. It's really interesting to see how that can tie into a setup using the black magic for streaming and simultaneous recording. And that's to me where this cameras the most exciting. So we'll we'll definitely be talking about that. Yeah let's dive into that. And you hit it right on the head man like with a with a pandemic and then the increased rush into zoom based workflows in school and all that and live streaming becoming more and more popular people. Like you like yourself Now have superpowers right. Because you're you've been doing this stuff for years and figuring out failing and then succeeding and then buying gear yet. so you've already walked over all the codes. All the colts to sort of get to the the professional video place is this. You know we're gonna talk about the camera. But i'm curious is is sort of new world that we're living in livestreaming zoom world that. We're living in does that. Does that change the trajectory of where your business is going or is it. Just you know you have more clients and you're doing more of the same. Well it has. I mean because i've been doing live streaming for quite a while. And i've got setups like this here. This is just my my studio. I'm at my desk right now. I've built out this backdrop and obviously it's nicely lit and so on and then the camera switching and everything. I all that in place long before covid and so people have always seen that and come to appreciate how it looks and the results of it and then wants this started. Everybody suddenly went. Gotta have to stream from home all the time whether it's just for zoom meetings or for doing actual broadcast. I started actually getting a lot of new clients just for consulting. Just you know an hour here. And they're just helping people through this process what it takes to set it up what it takes to make it. Look good sound good Be successful and so on. So it's it's been huge. It's been a really big part of my business over the last nine months which has been pretty wild to to see happen. But it's cool. You know some of the clients that are looking for bigger things or different things. What i normally do. It just gives me an excuse to dive into it and learn more about and figure out how integrates what already now.

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