A highlight from Something Who Live Show 2

Something Who


To our second. Something who live show. I'm richard and yes once again. We've taken our doctor who podcast and turned into a live show. So that's our fast audience. Solve one or two people can follow along as we record so the first time we did this. The oj was fine but the video is a bit jumpy and every march to make one of the recording sessions life by accident. And let's hope this is third time lucky. Let's see and we will post an audio only version on the usual podcast feed. But i guess watching live. We'll give you an opportunity to interact via the comments on youtube and we'll keep an eye as we go along so for christmas light show where I guess we've got two more spontaneous format but it does riff on our our usual remix comparing stories from the elder new series. We've given a little bit of a christmas spin here and there and Here to take part we've got what's becoming our regular lineup at least of late. So what Big finish writer and missing episodes. Podcast dr paul evening and we've also got a noted astrophysics author and our own. Dr science joyous. Hello so at the heart of this episode is the magic spreadsheet that select stories at random from the class. We can you doctor who series each of us will take turns to discuss a pair of stories picked at random and then attempts to find a spurious link between them and then the others get a chance to pass comment and possibly dropping the anecdotal own. So we're going to regular around. I think then at christmas round and potentially a dream team round at the end. But we'll explain that as we go along suppose all that remains to be seen is who are we gonna make i land. Is that superior randomized for that. As well spend the buffalo run these three what i learned a long time ago a childhood spent trying to avoid being picked the games or whatever by hiding behind any objects that cover me is that just increases the anxiety and the anticipation then. There's probably healthier to get it out of the way. Because otherwise i wouldn't get to enjoy if you've got third enjoyed youtube. I mean probably wouldn't enjoy them anyway but the point maybe i should just go first and get apple way about them so my own mental health for joyous. Do you want to pick the two stories before for pool yes okay dribble please

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