Katz Kiely Talks about how frontline.live helps the NHS with PPE and why they have open sourced the platform.


Can you tell everyone is listening. Walk is frontline live and then how you first came about forming it. 'cause you did an amazing campaign and support early in the lockdown so what frontline live is an online live data mac which means that any healthcare worker here is on the front line who finds themselves short at ppe. And therefore is at risk of getting ill can either tweet a request using hashtags hashtag frontline map. Hashtag the postcode so we can make sure they're actually at a healthcare organization not just collecting. Ppe reason and then hashtag what it is they need or they can fill in an online form of frontline dot live and we will then do two things one of them. Put a dot opin on a digital map so that people can see with the need is but also now because of a new partnership two other organizations the healthcare workers association and met share supply drive. It means that we basically have a warehouse of free. Pp which all partners of what rated long and hard for by raising money and getting donations. And because of a partnership with hermes it means that as soon as somebody on the frontline requests vp. Because they're shows of it we can get free p. p. to them within forty eight hours. How did all of this started happening. I moved back to my house in sheffield so in lockdown home alone on zoom call with a friend of mine who is a senior us. I'm saying i can't get a delivery. I'm gonna have to go to the supermarket and she said okay. I can do one better than that. I'm going into the hospital tomorrow. We don't have any masks of probably be dealing with people with covert line flown. Can you imagine that feeling so then. Of course i became a little bit hyper aware of this particular problem. And because everyone on every social media channel that doctors nurses health care workers saying we have p p that's bound on the other side there's this incredible uprising of entrepreneurs who assisting forward money three d. printing visors. That's companies like brutal and burberry. And i'm barbara who've pivot their entire system that can make pp to give away so we've got people desperately in need and scud going without pp's any of us would put up with and people are trying to solve the problem but they couldn't see very other were and so then. I hear on the news one day. Burberry making scrubs. There's an nhs trust because they didn't have to contact burberry have had to go through some ministers in the government to ask them how they conduct bribery. Oh for goodness sake. This is ridiculous. Because i'm all about technical innovation so i thought it can't be that hard surely to find a way of making it easy for people on the front line to say i haven't got this so that people who've got supply can get it and quickly. Yeah that was my beginning and a guy who used to work with who used intel is at ucla now on run did to him. About how hard would it be for us to be able to collect data and put it live on a map so that people can see what's going on and we chatted for awhile for about an hour and then i didn't hear anything back from him midnight that night i get any email. He's already got his team on it. I'm like oh so then fast. Forward six weeks. I've had about fuzi. Volunteers who've sat forward the most incredible people people who well known in the industry. People go better things to do with their times. they busy. Who sat for just getting this. Were absolutely and we're going to make this happen so six weeks later. We launched the service in the first three month period. When all of this stuff you're talking about how they've got. The timelines has stepped forward giving his full page. Spreads is giving us full page. Adverts ocean outdoor gives us sixty with the biggest digital out of home screens across the country. So we can put stuff out there. Not one penny changes hands. A snapchat talked to the general manager. he goes. Yeah wherever we can do to help. We'll do a national campaign. you give gives your assets. We'll sort out view. I have never in my career. Repos talk about purpose and actually fears purpose. You will look forward to enjoy getting out of bed in the morning. But i've never seen anything like this in my life. The sad side of that is that the nhs in my humble opinion and i we were talking about this before. It's the jewel in our crown. It's something that we should be quite rightfully proud of. And then by an example we partnered with united health who have about one hundred thousand frontline. Health co worker members talking to them. And i'm saying i keep hearing stories from people on the front line that actually the idea of people tweeting their requests is really difficult because nobody does speak cow and people are being told not to use the service from my mouth. It being told not to use it. Yeah people are being told if they speak out about the fact that appea- shortages they will lose their jobs. Assist crazy if you can't do your job one wi fi. Find another way to do it. That's most entrepreneurs will okay. I can't go x. y. And found a way round it exactly and the system should be set up in a way. This is about somebody complaining about something. It's if you don't have you're putting your life at risk. Six hundred forty doctors nurses have died. Because there isn't enough got enough. So basically i'm finding out it's absolutely known as endemic that people inside the nhs all tolls not speak up about things and told they will lose their jobs so we moved it from just twitter to having a fool where people could Report anonymously if they were too scared to speak out off the fifteen hundred. Ish request for p. P. i reckon about eighty percents of them were done anonymously by people who was scared to speak out and some of the comments they left on those forms. Joss person frankly interesting. We've been up from. You has improved or got worse vitton. What's your gut fail. It's been interesting because there was a point where there was a story or other media about the fact that management we're turning healthcare workers to be quiet and then matt hancock said in the commons. This is not true. people will be protected. It's definitely from my perspective. People are less likely to speak out and obviously we had a bit of downtime where we registered frontline is a charity because there weren't as many cases and he gave his time to consolidate and build townships so we decided in september. Do a to find out whether or not people in healthcare organizations feel confident. They're going to have enough p. p. to see them through over this next crazy time which is become crazier guess. How many percent said they felt fully confident. They'd get enough. P p twenty eight. Wow wow wow wow that super-low eight percent of frontline healthcare workers believe they will get enough to keep them safe during this time that scary as a number. That's scary.

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