A highlight from Hugh and Dog poo etiquette, Henry's long lost crown, Mancunian tea bag dunking expertise, reverse Keto


Butler chappie. Yes i feeling. Great today back onto the hunchback of the butler under the neck hunched butler the moment. But i've erected myself raw manfully For the next hour hopefully. I'm checking my temperatures. Well i mean my temperatures normal ninety to worry no need to panic but this this show this podcast keep coming cauliflower cheese episode number fifty eight is is for the soul it's like jinxiang for the soul and that's that's how i said and if is making me feel better and stirring the lines for myself. Hopefully you'll loins been considerably stood as well And it's friday afternoon so what is not to like about a friday afternoon and so we don't. I don't know if you've ever had a suitcase before where you've had to the belt around it. The zips broken and bursting full and put it on the conveyor belt at the airport and the whole thing pops open. I mean burst open. It's like gosh basically and that's the show for the next few days we have lots and lots of material We never added it. So it's a good the babbini ugly podcast being frozen into arava city. Warn elderly suitcase with the city. Misshapen belt around it. That's how i like to see this. This podcast basically. I mean some of the things that we may or may not be delving into over the course of the next couple of podcast. You see. I've given a given up saying i'm going to conclude all of this in one podcast. I'm saying it's probably going to be across today and tomorrow is highly possible now. Have you ever heard of the reverse keita. While you will today and i'll explain it. I'll also be introducing my alter ego drew or drew scape and also have a cold. Somebody on facetime and something happened when they answered. I know that it's very mysterious. But i'll be enlightening you all over the course of the over the course of the next hour or so and i know i always like talking about how to make it proper cup of tea but i see so many different articles describing to make public and apparently different parts of the uk. There's different ways in different temperatures and all sorts of different things to do to make a cup of tea and we also have the mysterious henry. The eighth lost crown found after four hundred years. Now walsall's look at his article. I also saw another article where they had recruited the figurine in the crown of eight nine years ago and on display now. I don't know if it's a sign crown if it is then i'm pretty proud of my research is another string to a roth threadbare both suppose i can put on my on my cv. If it ever happens so we're going to be looking at as well. Have you ever had to get ready for zoom call. How many minutes has it taken you. Have you ever done it in under ten minutes and blow drying your hat. I did today. Also people in your life. Who listened to sort of robber in d- Rav subversive type of music. I've i've come up with a new a fm station name and some of the possible names of some of the songs that they might be listening to that nobody is ever ever ever ever heard over tall. So i mean this is this is ram pact as well as ram shackled type of type of fat today also. We won't be having some historical tender of adair data tomorrow Some of the worst johnson. History we'll be looking at also a local county norfolk in uk. This apparently pound of valentine's Equivalent to santa claus. Call jack valentine now. I've never heard of him before. But but you know he's enough he's never sort of local yokel could've keep it. I suppose the goal tongue mummy. It'll be making the parents as well. We'll be trying to discover and research about the gold tongue mummy. We never never figured out. How many butlers would take the change. A light bulb in the chandelier now. Maybe that's exactly what i need. A little bit of stretching the spine during a few gentle exercises as we speak. I'm really lifting to buttered baguettes aloft as we speak trying to loosen up back here. We never talked about social pleasantries during kobe. Very odd things. That i'd certainly discovered about social pleasantries during covert. Also the center of your partner shirt could make you sleep better and longer raised eyebrow that why women make better witnesses. The dutch came to sorrows soothed over a dog that had a stroke countess. Mountbatten of burma's treasures are a story. The century and the apparently boris and biden to together on the telephone and they talked about their love of railways and it puts us relations back on track. How does one pickled vegetables essential. I believe onion inside the suit with cheese. Toast may be giving you that recipe as well. Clever dogs can pick up words like a toddler. Also the murky fate of romans. Britain's lost ninth legion. What happened to that. Lost roman legion. Also subway sandwiches with no shuna. The first now we are has been seen in central park recently. we'll also be having an enigmatic english eccentric eccentric possibly and trump will trombone of course where we look at the pretty much the awful headlines of the week and try to quite into arava awfully wa wa sad trombone or a rasping pretty disgusting trump. So that's what we have along the way on the podcast. Today i'm gonna try to I've actually set up to about two teabags up in the air at the moment there on a drip at the moment and they're providing me with extra strong. Pg tips goal so two teabags that well above my head. You sang teabag in that fashion. But it's keeping me going is keeping me awake and keeping me full stamina for the cost of this podcast so i can give you my best. Most wholesome moves driven assertive effort for today's podcast. Kitgum and cheese episode fifty eight so freely all these ailments and vaccine's and everything else that's going around at the moment Trying to get the get the measure of the coronavirus singer about some victorian medicines remedies. And we'll be going with some of these next couple of weeks but one of them was the everlasting pill. Incredible as it might seem today. This was a popular way to clear the body because of the popular belief. The person could fail out of sorts because of an imbalance within that body. People for the getting rid of all the badness inside of you would help kyrie with the aim of purging. The body of wanted humor's ells the ever in pill was invented. The pill itself was very small and made of metal now known to be toxic now and antimony swallowing this would induce severe vomiting and diarrhea thus giving the body what they thought to be healthy plans. Were still though. The feces would

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