Budgeting Expenses While Living on The Road with Renewable Energy Worker Clayton


Clayton. Welcome to the bigger targets. Many podcast. i'm so excited to have you today. Thanks guys. I'm really excited to be here. Appreciate all your advice. Throughout allentown cast stones awesome. Well thanks for listening. So clayton is a twenty six year old renewable energy worker living in the midwest and looking for some suggestions on financial planning in general so that he can retire early and lead his best life clinton. Why don't you walk us through your income and debts absolutely so right now. Actually our income just got cut by about forty percent girlfriend. Travels with me for work and she. Unbeknownst us lost her physician so lost forty percent of our income. I'm sitting at a salary for diem and a trailer allowance and then some rental income from a rental property that we have totalling about seven grand a month. Can you give us some background on that. So you say salary per diem and camper each just give us enough background in your job to understand why you have predicament camper allowance. Sure yes so. With the renewable energy side. We travel all over the country so ben everywhere from north dakota colorado oregon iowa and now down in texas so pretty gives me some money in basically not sleeping my own bed. Money right and then Trailer allowance. i live in a fifth wheel while on the road so kind of a unique living situation and they give me allowance for that too. Because there's obviously expenses that come with pulling a trailer and the wear and tear on the tyres and all that kind of thing so companies generous enough to give us allowances for those kind of things and yeah ok. Great eddie other sources of income besides the salary camper allowance pretty yup so we do have a rental property. that were satirized. Well we are at home so kind of one of those ideals to were living on the road but we have a home base and house hacking that home base. So that's bringing in about fifteen hundred a month for us right now and it's gonna go up hopefully the next month or two. Once we finished some slight remodels and get another room rented so it should go up to about two thousand dollars fantastic. Yeah expense side of things fixed expenses. Obviously we got the mortgage. We do have a car loan and then luckily enough again with the company. I worked for their great and they cover a lot of expenses on the road so the living allowance. The lot rent recover my lower end from camper all that kind of stuff. So it's pretty limited to mainly just jim internet's phone bills and then food things like that. So the picture informant. My head is a really strong financial position. We talked about a seven thousand dollars in income. Let's exclude the house act. We got about fifty five hundred dollars a month in income and are you kind of abbreviating that to after tax dollars. Yes yeah that's all after tax. Okay great so you got about fifty five hundred and after tax dollars plus we got income from your house hack how much is your mortgage mortgage is about twelve hundred dollars a month principal interests. I thank is around seven fifty. Our insurance is actually a little bit higher because the house situation is kind of odd. An taxes are actually relatively low about thirteen hundred a year. So awesome so even with maintenance. You're probably sitting at no more than fifteen hundred dollars. Total housing costs. What are your utilities. You think as hard to us for now just because we do live on the road and it's relatively low because we're one twice a month so i don't know maybe hundred dollars okay. So you're housing is free for all intents and purposes through the house hack. Is that right correct. Yep awesome love it. How about transportation is that also largely free because of the allowance for the camper and that type of stuff. That's another benefit as Transportation's pretty much free. I gotta company truck and again the company. I work for their so generous to let me use that personal time to you which is awesome. We do have a vehicle for my girlfriend and we do have a debt on that as well and believer sitting at eighty five hundred or so see if a balance of eighty five hundred on that in cash payment associated with it okay. What would you kind of estimate your total expenses to be housing. We've got to close zero. What would you say outside of housing. Your monthly expenses are unrelated to work man. I'd say twenty five hundred ish maybe a month and that's going to be broken out between that car payment in a gym and entertainment this types of things normal year when it's not twenty twenty. We tended to spend a little bit more than now. It's a little bit less but yeah okay great. So what i'm seeing. Here is an ability to accumulate at least fifteen hundred to two thousand dollars a month in cash flow on an ongoing basis. Is that right yes awesome and then when you look at your financial position do you feel that. The opportunities are going to be on the income side on the expense side or on the capital allocations piece in terms of managing the money. You're accumulating i say right now are sitting pretty good as far as the income. I feel pretty solid with the income side of things granted like i said we did lose some of that coming in but i believe there is work to do on our expense side of things. 'cause i don't accurately track it. Everything i do is rough estimates. So i know what my phone is monthly. I know what the car payment is monthly but the food and all that stuff who knows i mean sometimes we go out and have fun and go out to local italian restaurant or whatever it is so perfect so i think we're gonna have a phone with this because your expense the way you've just described your situation. We don't housing expense. And i see a path forward here. Where if for example if your path that over the next year to you don't have to pay for housing and you don't have to pay for vehicle at least in the short run. I mean you get to that point and you have a thousand dollars per month is what i understand per diem. Is that right. Roughly a thirty six days. So depending on when i'm work that worked when i'm at home so about thousand

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