NASCAR Updates: Bristol, NextGen, Falling pit crew

The Final Lap


Oh man this week nascar on just on onslaught of information about upcoming things in the sport first. Up is the bristol dirt. Racy excited about this one. It's gonna feature heat races to determine the starting lineups you know like you're used to seeing at the local level check out the race on the dirt at bristol march twenty eighth three thirty pm eastern on fox next up our field sizes for the two thousand twenty one nascar xfinity series season. There will be thirty six cars for a race weekend if there is qualifying and forty cars when there is a rain out or it's not scheduled so for instance the thirty six car field will be in effect for daytona coda. Charlotte may race nashville. Indie road course road. America and the phoenix finale. The next gen nascar racecar got some love this week with some new information coming out. The new car is gonna make its on. Track debut fulltime and twenty twenty two a full year delayed due to covid the manufacturers of chevrolet toyota and ford have all submitted and passed their design reviews with nascar. We should start seeing those designs. This spring and testing will resume of this car at richmond on march sixteenth and seventeenth okay. Finally we've got some loose ends here. This one coming from the nascar rulebook and it says if a crew member behind pit wall is grabbing a tire loses their balance and puts a hand on pit road. That's not going to be a penalty this it was last year.

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