NASA's Mars rover Perseverance successfully touches down on the red planet


Rover has landed in the past. Our perseverance touched down safely on Mars, where it will look for signs of ancient life, among other very cool things. And now the $2.7 billion spacecraft is getting a close up. Look at the Red Planet. With some engineering help from a Queens native Gotham's reporter City Pereira has the story. Vishnu Streeter grew up in Rego Park, where he was fascinated with watching airplanes take off from LaGuardia. His grandfather, a civil engineer who built trains and dams in India inspired him. Now he has co engineer these Super Cam, a scanner that can examine rocks and minerals from 20 ft away to reveal their chemical makeup. That's something I will cherish for less of my life having to have touched and worked on. A piece of hardware that's honest way to Mars. The 27 year old helped build the craft at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California.

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