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Call 866 25 sleep. 5 25 now W M e l traffic and weather every 10 minutes and first on the fives. Lisa Banes in Hindi Carpet cleaning Trapped center ride in Maryland feels pretty comfortable. Thank you very much Forward 53 and one and 2 10 Virginia feels pretty good on 95 40 minute trip between Fredericksburg in Springfield. Nothing to report on 3 95 That's out of the norms of Pentagon and beyond the 14th Street Bridge now from garage Door repaired calm, but W E Mail storm out, seven forecast. Just this morning, up until about noon to two PM today about 25 to 30 MPH. Meanwhile, it's gonna be a sunny days We head up to 50 degrees tomorrow around 50 were dry for the daylight hours. But we'll have a few showers by evening, and it's rain for the upcoming weekend. A few dry hours Saturday afternoon on ABC seven meteorologist Monica Johnson and the stolen Seven Winterson and currently in our nation's capital were 47 degrees at 5 27 on W E Mail. February is American Heart Month, and Quantum Nutrition Labs is all in now You can keep your heart incredibly healthy with 21st century vitamin E Delta

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