693: WandaVision S1E7 Review: 'Breaking the Fourth Wall'



Maximum overdrive. The podcast where kelly amonte. Don melton and me lisa schnitzer all discuss one division while keeping the fourth law firmly in place. Because we're scared of strangers cussing seventh episode of one division today. And like. I said. I'm here with kelly amonte. Hey glad to be here once again. And don melton how. How did you have peanut. Butter and jelly. Sandwich with agnes anybody. I know better. So what we're going to do is podcast as usual. We start off. Whereas donna and kelly if they wanna recap the episode that we watched They laugh and tell to do after we do that. We'll do a round robin of things we loved and or noticed. We'll do another round robin where we break out the marvel institutional lore and or knowledge and then we'll hit kelly's corner Slash home for unloved crack. Job theories and Unanswered questions after that. We'll do our wishlist for the last two episodes of the season and spend a month thinking about whether or not the perspective of this show is going to shift and why it just might do that. This episode felt pretty pivotal. Let's get started so first up I have to enact the ritual lean. We do every time. Kelly or don would either one of you be interested in recapping. What happened in the episode of one division. We just watched absolutely not just conscientious objection or is it just really fun to have someone you can say no to every week. No it's really just. You're so much better at it than donner. I would be so we are happy. I think i speak for down here. We are happy to pass this duty onto you. Because you're awesome at it and neither of us are and we know wearing capable and we are very comfortable with our limitations. Exactly and i will add that. I'm extremely lazy so then helped hopes i guess are also flattery is really nice With that are let me try and pull together in my head. This thing that i knew was coming pension for all right. So let's make this recap the really short and sweet version. The one that you would put out a tweet or in a hilariously misleading. Tv guide ob description is as follows. This episode gives us a superhero origin.

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