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And paul nicholson former defender for fc cincinnati. And the former coach of the cincinnati dutch lions he's back the same role so too familiar faces with cincinnati soccer. And they get a chance to run king sammer. Fc great guys. And i look forward to seeing what kings hammer can do. So can you schedules. There and there is an interview from cincinnati soccer. Talk with paul. Nicholson and like i mentioned. In previous episode. They do a nice job of covering soccer in cincinnati. It's very exciting. Time western stadium's going to open and from the pictures. It looks absolutely beautiful. You got new. Ussl to team rose lavelle still doing work for the us women's national team and they won the second straight. She believes cup. Even though united states went on record saying we could do better. I mean. Hey i mean there's nothing wrong with raising the stakes but you won the cup you know i tell you if sees me not. Fc smell if cincinnati get nws. That's national women's soccer league team into town. Which i think they will eventually first thing to do is sign. Rose lavelle you just have to. She's the queen queen city. Bring her in. Let's rain in cincinnati. Let's go now. I know why. There's such a long pause but i seriously hope there's professional women's soccer to go cincinnati in dayton such a great soccer hotbed. You know. I love being part of called soccer. I love watching it. I think it'll be great. Now talk about the dayton dutch lions schedule. They'll be back at ducks stadium and less carrollton ohio. Although the location on the uso leak to website listed as dayton ohio just called carrollton okay. Anyway may fifteenth king's hamrin town. What's weird is the times are listed in central. Dayton is not a central time city never has been hopefully never will so. I believe these are seven o'clock eastern times but kings hammer dayton radwan. Ding at doc may fifteenth at seven. And then the dutch lines will host the southbound lions on may twenty second seven kalamazoo. Fc may twenty six at seven and then june six at seven. The dutch lines host toledo villa f c june twenty third flint city bucks town on seven july second oakland county f c in town at seven and july tenth to close out the regular season at seven grand rapids. Fz at the dock. So i like to go back to the

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