A highlight from Democracy Now! 2021-02-25 Thursday


Hi i'm amy goodman this year. Democracy now turns twenty five years old. That's right twenty five years of bringing you the voices and stories. You won't hear. In the corporate media. Democracy now is always refuse to take government or corporate funding because nothing is more important to us than our editorial independence. Nothing is more important to us than telling you the truth but that means we rely on you our audience for support please visit democracy now dot org right now and make your twenty five dollar contribution in honor of our twenty fifth anniversary and help us stay on air for another twenty five years and then another twenty five after that. Thank you so much and remember wearing a mask is an act of love wearing to is even better From new york this is democracy now. Two hundred ten million doses of vaccine have been administered. Globally have of those are in just two countries and eighty person dr in just ten countries more than two hundred countries. I get to item. Stood a single dose as the official global cova death toll nears two and a half million more than half a million here in the us. Much of the world is months if not years away from obtaining vaccines to slow. The pandemic pressure is growing on president biden and the world trade organization from protecting the intellectual property rights of big pharma which is slowing down manufacturing of covert vaccines. We'll speak to a leading. Wto delegates from south africa as well as illinois congresswoman jan schakowsky. We'll also talk to her about the push to increase the federal minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour biden's one point nine trillion dollar covert relief package and more than we look at the growing probes into the deadly january sixth at the capital. We cannot equate white. Nationalism violence with my colleagues on the rice stated that wing extremist violence waiting right. Just move mcgahn justice with cable and racist why nationally the outright ignorant and disingenuous on. We'll speak brendan o'connor author of blood. Red lines how native

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