Hello Fresh Had a Great Year, But Microwavable Meals Did Even Better


With on again off again covid restrictions keeping hungry mouths out of restaurants. It's no surprise that twenty twenty was a banner year for cooking at home. That's been great for meal. Kit companies like hellofresh and blue apron. Homebound customers tired of familiar recipes flocked offerings like smashed black bean to start as in meatloaf la mom already and under forty-five minutes hellofresh orders grew one hundred fourteen percent over a year ago according to a statement from the company as much as meal kits have shown during the pandemic though. There were no match for their biggest rival. The microwave twenty twenty was a record year for the frozen food. Aisle sales of microwavable ready meals in the us grew to more than twenty five billion dollars last year. Outpacing the growth of all other grocery items according to market research published by global industry analytics. This increased demand sent items. Like tinos pizza rolls. Marie calendar's is and trader. Joe's tikka masala flying off their ice shelves twenty twenty also saw gin hot pockets that came as a blow to military bases where the microwavable meat and cheese filled bread bars or a snacking staple so report stars and stripes magazine nestle owned stouffer is meanwhile celebrated its record year by debut in a shop where it showcased food themed clothing with slogans like cheese. Self care yeah. That one's a little debatable. Live laugh lasagna. T shirts aside. However microwaveable meals showed they could adapt to the times amy's kitchen which built a brand off organic and vegetarian. Ready meals enjoyed sales bumps up to seventy percent for some of its products as reported by food navigator usa dot com nestle. Meanwhile grew it's plant based offerings by forty percent in two thousand twenty on top of organic and meatless options. Healthy choices have been winners to namely the company's diet brand lean cuisine that is until december when pieces of plastic from a broken conveyor belt ended up in a batch of frozen mashed potatoes. I guess that means this time. At least the lou calorie frozen meals might actually tastes like plastic nestle recalled ninety two thousand pounds of their lean cuisine baked chicken and potato variety as we emerge from the pandemic. It remains to be seen whether pre-prepared microwaveable meals will continue their meteoric rise. Customers might be looking for a break from all that processed food. just ask allison robot celli. Who eight and reviewed thirty five hot pockets in four days for the takeout when recalling the experience she says nobody should attempt this without a note from their doctor

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