It's THAT Episode ft. Dorkshadow

GG Over EZ


We have special guest dork for this episode as requested by radic and to do so in this episode as always and we have guests we go through dorks war talk about where he started in gaming and we met him how. I met others. How this all happen. That all came together among some other off topic discussions and then we get to a whole bunch of patron questions. All in all it's the g. g. over easy pike. Maybe you know what to expect. What was your favorite time. You guys sixty nine fucking magazine. Gentlemen the gd over easy podcast episode you know. Hey we are real. Podcast sixty nine. I feel like is another milestone milestone for sure you get to say like nice sixty nine listeners. Loved here hearing that you know this but it is sixty nine episodes so again if it is time to bring out the wacky farts. It is our guest for the episode. Couldn't tell is dot org alot. Busted by reddit sub reddit slash mr fruit. Everybody loves you dork. Everybody loves you and i. I don't know if i told you. But i sat on the podcast. The those among stickers yours was the second most popular second well versed has me honestly not by much is like five people like we don't care we just like dorks robot Among us character. Which i will say i know i. I did. The design for Oh seat it's i don't know that i remember. I remember when you asked is probably two years ago or something. Yeah and i don't even know he was at my dm's or something like hey like you like sketch out this idea of like. I just want like aerobics. Any like briefly describes her voice sketch something and then that's what he wanted and then he got like actual people will make like yeah ask dork was like one of those things where like you put up a little. Yeah like a napkin. You're this is what. I saw a little rough but mr for. Can you recall the first time we recorded with org. I can recall it can you. I can't that's why like arc easier like the best episode yet. It was destiny right. It was. I thought it was dead by daily. No idea that that was actually the earliest. I remember i. It was right around there. Because i was i know is either the first or one of the i i. I think it was It was it was it was one of the. Oh my god. I can't remember i'm thinking it's it was daylight or overwatch because both of

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