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Fifty two of af on and the first episode for two thousand and twenty one. It's saturday the twenty third of january. Happy new year firstly. And i hope you had a nice break over the christmas holiday period when i recorded the lost episode on the twelfth of december two thousand and twenty things looking really good in australia there was just one state border closed. It was judiciary put on christmas day and that border from south australia westminster. We did infact to reopen on schedule but sadly we own i things otherwise. Didn't quite go to plan. They was Nineteen outbreak in sydney's northern beaches. Shortly after that last episode went to air and there were also small outbreaks in melbourne brisbane. Over the summer which have caused havoc with state border restrictions. The holidays so where are we now will later in the episode. We'll look in more detail at the current state border restrictions and also coming up. We'll discuss when international borders might be able to reopen and win. Travel might be able to return to normal as well as the plight of trillions currently trying to get home and yes. You've probably noticed that the podcast does have a new intro believe it or not af on a recently celebrated its second birthday so we decided it would be a good time to freshen up things be with some new music and also a new podcast artwork which he might see if you're listening to this episode on a podcast streaming service. The background image. By the way the police sky in the puffy white clouds is actually a photo that i took somewhere. In japan on japan airlines flight took care a couple of years ago. This is the first major change we have made since the very first episode was released in december. Two thousand eighteen so hope you like it and although the podcast might sound a little different now dowry we're not making any changes to the podcast format. Well as always. Let's begin this episode with a roundup of the latest alien and frequent flyer news and today there is more news to talk about than usual since it has been over a month since the last episode. Well let's start with an update on the qantas and virgin australia. Airport lounges quotas has now reopened thirty of its thirty five domestic. Airport lounges. Well virginis trulia has now reopened five of the seven lounges. Eight plans to reopen virgins lounges. And now back up and running in brisbane sydney melbourne the gold coast and perth one. Although virgin is currently only using the apple level of it sending lounge and in melbourne passengers being sent to what used to be agents. Vip club lounge. I visited the brisbane lounge a couple of times over the summer break and well it was nice to be back in the lounge and it was pretty quiet and social. Distancing was observed. Well unfortunately the catering was very limited. There was no hot food just a few basics like syria and muffins in the morning and they were sandwiches in the evening and despite the limited food virgin is also now banned lounge guests from bringing in outside food. But i'm pleased to say that the barista's station was opened. The coffee was excellent and beer and wine was also available after twelve pm unfortunately both corners and virgina now restricting lounge access on a rival so passages that have just come off a flight and neither a-line between full nick hamas of the change when they made them. Virgin australia has hasn't read the benefit for business costs flies. Platinum and goldman is indefinitely while qantas doesn't really seem to have a policy. Although many quotas platinum members who should be allowed to use the lounge off to they arrive at nation have reported that they were denied entry. Virgin australia has now updated their website but qantas has not meanwhile quotas has permanently closed all of its airport meeting rooms and it is permanently closing. Its valet parking services in brisbane and adelaide airport in some happy news. Qantas will launch flights on seven. New regional routes in early two thousand and twenty one and cl including two to new destinations qantas announced a raf of new regional routes late. Last year for melvin to newcastle marin bela mount gambia woke up and aubrey quavos. Top flats from sydney to griffith and from adelaide to mount gambia. The knee flights will be operated by cornices regional subsidiary qantas link the announcement enraged regional rival wrecks. Which currently has a monopoly on many of those routes prompting rex to complain once again to the triple c. Corrects which is about to start boeing. Seven three seven flights on qantas invasions lucrative golden triangle reads complains that quotas trying to force it out of its profitable. Regional routes

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