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She's back on the. I'm back here. I'm so excited. I wish i was sitting next to you anyway. This will have to do. I wish i had made a little less to be on the sofa. Sushi so lovely view. And i still felt so broken at that stage and you did. You might a little next with sushi. And i kind of driven to see you and you know honestly beckham. those times. I feel so grateful. Well you're back on the poco so the last time you came on you talked very openly and frankly about divorce because that's you going through at the time and it's actually really interesting to say you broken then because we have a conversation about how it had broken you idiots obviously not that lingers but it's it can be very long process the the break the broken us. Yeah and it's interesting. I think that's the natural human spirit is your affect. I'm not there. You know where i was like a year ago was six months ago and i just to caroline bonds make and she's an i remember. I wrote a piece for red. Just like maybe six months after the split and to accompany i had some pictures taken and she came to do my makeup. Oh those nice pages. I mean hello. I'm loving up. And she said he would trembling. So i thought i was. I thought i was so coming out. It should you physically trembling and it's true. I remember shaking for by year on no anyway shaky. Now that's good you know shaking now and it's been it's obviously i'm you'll mate way friends. It's been horrible. You go through that. But it's also been lovely recently to see the blossoming and i remember when we spoke when you came here and i made the nest and we have to see she. We spoke about the fact. Do you think that you'll look back and think. Actually this is a really wonderful thing that happened because my life. I'm really. I think i'm happy now. I would have if it of not cool. So i'm gonna put that question again. Well you know speaking to the the the mazing By when you know who who makes one who will teenage boys watching her life anyway She's a brilliantly funny amazing person and has written this book and i interview to flora and we talked about my situation she said it in our shacks among they'll get attempts to issues like eight sa- gave like and start to see that it. It's interesting i mean that's still have sadnesses of For the kids. I'm kind of sad for that. Life i would have had but then i can also see the total joy and i do feel i mean it sounds a bit so of american but i feel much more fantastic to myself like i fill up my writings more authentic. Feel like i'm phil. Failing all the fails it's kinda is a period of intensity. The actually is so energizing. Which is amazing so kind of swaggie dot with you know that sort of comfort blanket not make me. I can't even remember how. I used to feel really though i saw a fairly so roller coaster emotions all the time at the moment. But i do. I do feel energized and do very hopeful and just for listeners. He's running. Can we just talk about what the time line is. Actually people thinking. Oh that's how she feels now. How long ago was it that she broke up with. I guess so i So bit background was the i was married for fifteen years together with my husband twenty six and we have this kind of perfect picket fence life. Didn't we really know we talked about ready to low. I was always very honest about how it was perfectly imperfect. Now call whistle. Held together with raisins was just like you know actually so the other day they said i repeat raunchy about how he was so busy that you'd never had time to adjust your bra straps and i was like that's chain as soon as the kind of life young children. They like tackle imploded in summer of two thousand eighteen when my exit just being the sole super steady moral you know just kind of not dangerous as as you say. Just kind of suddenly wanted out behaved in the way. I just didn't think he would you know. And so yeah. It was really shocking. And and so then there was about six months of your back and forth and then then on this kind of journey from heartbreak to hockey. The name of the book is not this cold house. Broken heart operates. Happy became so hashtag. Mind as well as from snot to halt. Which i kind of prefer so actually. This is why you are perfect. S feel habits because this you in the loss two and a half years have had to dig really for king deep to find a sense of self a sense of just okay just like today. I'm gonna get through it. And so that's why i'm rooney intrigued to hear what you'll feel. Good habits all that you're going to share with almost excellent. Oh i'm loving your way. Sexless isn't actually last time. I had so much amazing response from people you know and this is one of my feel good habits but you know the idea of helping people just kind of helps you as well doesn't it was. It was amazing. The response last time and i think another thing to say how valuable failed. Good habits are like the company even realized that before. That's against the just like trundled through life. It didn't really about the next thing the next house the next job the next you know. And actually that kind of thing like we'll surely being happy and content and feeling grateful and all those things are kind of what makes life rather than you know. Your mobile kitchen work talk and then missile was the next thing anyway so i i think what was so. We had our brilliant listed way. And i am i guess the most well maybe the first woman each talk about my dog when we talk about me and the kids talk about two thousand twenty vega pretty shy year we let s the year. We got pixie and Pixie i want to steal the elsewhere that my son wanted to call it chelsea. Because that's his favorite football team and cardmember what by jocelyn scholar. I was in the ven diagram. The woman degree of and i was really nervous. Spot it because i just though. Oh it's gonna take away so much free to my knew. The kids wouldn't This stuff an actually she she was. She came by a friend in the village. And obviously the love and affection and the some funny. And i just i mean she's lying on my bed now because it's like having a child she's in another room she'll cry and it's life changing radius life. Changing and i realized for lots of people is not possible. And i didn't think it was for me because my mom's allergic to dogs but she's hypoallergenic and she doesn't seem to have triggered her

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