Four leaks in three weeks - what's going wrong?



I'm health reported teigen thailand physician and journalists dr norman swan. It is wednesday the twenty third of december a couple of days from christmas and at least in the greatest sydney area. A lot of people are looking at the christmas that they were planning. Obviously we're watching the case numbers in the northern beaches of sydney really closely. But let's just zoom that for a second and look at what's been happening in the last three or four weeks in that area because it's been more than one leak out of quarantaine. There's been four leaks in three weeks as far as we can see but before we get onto that what we want to say. Corrina cast is. Take our hats off to another wearing hats right at this moment but really dolph our caps to the contact tracers in new south wales. I mean they're just unbelievable. They've got this dying to eight cases yes there are still fairly significant issues. Were pressed upon. Because it's christmas coming up but it's it's an astounding. Effort really is incredibly impressive. As we come with christmas we should just anybody who lives in new south. Wales should really just be thanking the contact tracers for such a fabulous job. They're doing and they're really onto this and the miracles that diamond diamond class contact tracing. I'm sure that that's right. It is really really impressive. Diet hug contact tracers but definitely give them the covid safety stints round of applause if he can absolutely so. Yeah something is going wrong. There's no question about that. There are no as you say four cases so what are. There's the man who drove the bus at the airport with an overseas aircrew from the airport. There's now a nurse who caught it again zoll all going on report a transporting people who were on well third case. This is not necessarily chronological order. Who was not law. Who was right about the time of the van driver to cleaner hotel again. With aircrew in the hotel she was the first and then there was the. There's the the northern beaches outbreak which almost certainly is from somebody who came in from overseas yet to be determined aircrew. Somebody who left hotel. Quarantine booster positive. Who knows what that was. But we don't know that yet so four things going wrong and the genomics. There is showing that they are different points of entry. Yes except as we record current cast. We don't know what the genomics were or was sure with a singular plural on the on the nurse so we don't know what the source of battle laws be presumed that it was different from the others so yes there are different viruses causing this probably from different places from the bus driver and the nurse looks as though the The transportation is high

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