What the Patriots can learn from the BIlls' QB strategy

Patriots Beat


Talk About That quarterback position because I think you know alot of patriot sales again, and I keep saying this but they don't like it when we point out at the bills rebuilding strategy is working in that the Patriots could learn something from Buffalo. So what are we going to learn from Buffalo? You know, they haven't won anything in twenty years, right? It's like no no, no. No, this is a great case study by Brandon Beane and Sean McDermott M how to put a Young quarterback in the perfect situation to succeed. Especially Young quarterback and Josh Allen who let's face. It was a high ceiling, you know, low floor type of prospect at very high bus potential if it didn't go to the right direction in Buffalo. So I looked at back at that 2018 draft. They actually traded up twice for Josh Allen's pick at seventh overall from Twenty-One wage. Because they made that playoffs or Tyrod Taylor, right? Was that the year? Yeah, so they made the playoffs with Tyrod Taylor Sweet in as a wild-card team. Then they were picking 21st. They traded up from 21 to 12 and then 12 to sneak in to get their guide Josh Allen, but I actually think more so and we can talk a little bit about Allen's development to more so than Allen's individual development. Would McDermott and being did to you know, make sure the offensive line to add Cole Beasley and Stephon Diggs and put Josh Allen in this perfect kind of offense for his skill-set with Brian table. That's really I think as much about what we've seen from Josh Allen's growth is anything in that sort of speaks to the team building process of the whole thing.

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