Escape to Mountain Abbey



Get out of her own relationship. I had been in a relationship with a man and it was an a really awful abusive relationship. And i was desperate to get out of this relationship which i did grow up then. He asked me she said you know we took a walk or something you know and she said i'm wondering if i could ask for your help. She asked for help. And i was like woo force newsletter. She's like no. I'm a need to get out of my relationship. I'm really really afraid. I had no clue it was like okay. How are we gonna fix this problem. It's like this is another issue so after that we kind of helped me and another friend. A couple of other friends that live nearby nearby in highland at the time sort of just help facilitate getting this person lives. That was that was abusive relationship. I was in. I mean. I just never in my life had been in any relationship like this that was abusive and of course it got worse as time went on. But you know i really was afraid and our friends to open. Scott who also helped us with lazy meadow did help should that they helped and monica just helped me ranch out of this relationship along with my therapist. Because i couldn't. I've felt fear of my life. In at one at the end i was just kind of afraid and whether that was real or not felt it and it gave me this amphitheater and ability to see what women go through in this kind of situation because i thought before. Oh why doesn't for women's abuse. Why don't you just leave one. Can't you just leave the relationship. Why does this happen. And i i understand now how difficult it can be so. I'm grateful for that but it was a really difficult time in my life in everything since then has seemed much some much better. It's been up up up in a way since then. We helped her through that period. After a gas that time it was like after about three months and we were still working together. Kate had got a gig in australia and she said. Would you like to come with me. You know on tour with go to australia. Australians i had no idea that kate had any interested me romantically because i was kinda shocked and when it did become romantic complete shock to me i was like what and i had only been with men and so i started looking at monica and just you know just seemed very natural the fall in love with a woman and its surprised my friends of course but it just seemed very natural to me and i guess younger people now just see that is just a natural part of life being fluid sexuality in my interest. You're you're a real. You're so much for your time. In every way south i think is just sort of natural to me. I was really skeptical. I thought it would be like. Oh she's china. Sound of this last so i was surprised i was like. Wow this is amazing. But i also didn't really trust it until like after three years probably yeah. It was hard as a lot of trust. And i didn't know she's gonna just to yeah of. This is not going to last. But kate asking monica to go to australia with their at least a little bit serious. I was like you know sure. I'll i'll definitely come had a vacation. I in australia started with the was that we started going up the south island of new zealand of course and and and i felt like just because we're such good friends for so long it also felt like oh i'm going away was with a friend or we're going on vacation together. Really like the romance are still really sunk into me. I was like okay. You should trust now. No but you know after that trip it was it was really like i started to feel like oh this this could be real. Maybe we toured new zealand. The south island in the north island of zeeland and then we ended up meeting with the band at. Kate was doing her saying so all that that whole world of being backstage being around the other band members and the whole dynamic and all that stuff was just like the whole tour manager. And i think your manager. I think brad's on that trip as a whole big business case in there. She's doing her job. And so it's respectfully stand back cheese working so i didn't you know it wasn't like didn't run a like disturb her or be bother or be like payment. Yeah so i would do my own thing you know. Sorta go but also like i'm very independent and not you know i feel like i'm happy to go. I've traveled the world before reading kate so me it was like oh i could go here erin. I'll see you after. Or i wasn't like going there to sort of glomming on wanting to just be with her twenty four seven least. We had our own the independence but it was exciting. We had a lot of fun so it kind of added to the whole romance cars. Like wow this is such you know. I couldn't believe that this was actually a reality. Still and we went. We had a great time. We got closer. But i was always reserving myself because i just felt like this isn't gonna last. She's never been in a relationship with a woman. This is just something that she says dabbling in know or you know she could. She's got a million groupies on my god rupees fans. Now i mean you have people who follow you around like travel around you know so there's a whole aspect where you know. There's a lot of insecurity involved with being with someone who's in the limelight like that rockstar. Like for me. I had to really build up. My arms sets itself also trying to be an equal in a relationship with someone who is famous not equal less but just be able

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