A highlight from Apple Loses Copyright Suit Against Security Startup

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You're listening to the news at this hour. On africa business radio a federal judge on tuesday dismissed apple's copyright infringement lawsuit against cybersecurity startup corallium and a case that could have implications for researches who find software bugs and former abilities georgia. Rodney smith said apple failed to show a legal basis for protecting its entire ally. S operating system from security researches. Apple sued the florida based startup in two thousand nineteen claiming is virtualization of ios software constituted copyright infringement for judge however ruled that aquariums work which is designed to find security holes in software was fair use of the copyright material the ruling if upheld represents a victory for security researchers who could face civil or criminal penalties for reproducing copyright software as part of efforts to find it also limits apple's efforts to exercise full control of iphone software and its ability to force third parties to us is proprietary security research tools and that was the news at this hour on africa. Business radio

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