President Trump Might Abuse Pardon Powers in Remaining Days in Office


Trump still controls the pardon power for the next thirteen days or twelve days by the time people listen to this garrett. How likely do you think it is that in trump's final couple weeks the most imaginatively spiteful use of the pardon. He could come up with other than perhaps pardoning south in his children rudy. Giuliani is a kind of blanket. Amnesty to all the people who the justice department would want to prosecute in. Fbi one arrest. I think that that is not necessarily a sure-fire thing. But i would certainly put it into the more likely than not category that we're going to see in the next thirteen days and in fact i think we might even see it much more quickly than that because i think one of the challenges that we are seeing right now is rising calls for the invocation of the twenty fifth amendment by mike pence or the impeachment of the president. Both of which. I think are a highly unlikely scenarios but donald trump might very quickly feel that he has a real ticking clock a against his presidency and might be tempted. Act and remember. We have seen blanket. Amnesties like that before. Jimmy carter granted blanket amnesty to vietnam war draft dodgers as president to try to reset that political debate and allow people who had been caught up in that war for all variety of reasons to be able to re enter society in an open way but not to sort of quibble with at the premise. Of your question ben. But i i guess. I'm not really clear. Trump issuing those kinds of blanket pardons is certainly plausible. It certainly would be a grotesque abuse of power but they almost certainly would be val part. And to the extent that there are certain martin's it seems overwhelmingly unlikely that a new attorney general or deputy attorney general would be inclined to want to prosecute anyway and an attempt to sort of test those legal questions and so you know i don't know that trump issued a blanket. Pardon would would complicate things right. It would be a hideous abuse office. But what choice would the fbi or the justice department have but to say. We can't continue to investigate or prosecute people who who are covered by this pardon. Oh i think that's exactly right. I think they would have no choice but to say exactly that they would say exactly. That and the result would be that you had an attack on the capital for which. Nobody could be prosecuted. And i understand as we've been talking the first Case has now been announced or at least it has shown up on the docket of the court. Here in dc. Is that right Yeah i think that that first set of discrete federal charges have filed Against at least two individuals and in these appear to be pretty traditional sort of a salt charges for trespass and assaulting capitol police officers

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