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A lot of women with urinary incontinence and pelvic for prolapse. When you described pro lapse of that term to people, what are some words that you're using? I'll say, you know, there's a little bit of weakening or loosening of the tissues down there, and sometimes they just because they've gotten weak. They aren't holding up the organs as well. So the organs can actually start toe to drop down a little bit into the opening of whether it's the vagina and the rectum. That's great. And so you know these organs you're the uterus and the rectum and the bladder. They're not held up by like strong rope. They're held up by ligament. Better by design are supposed to stretch relax and contract because that baby makes the things all stretched out with age and with multiple Children. Sometimes those things don't you know, bounce back and they start really stretching and coming out of us, And so we use surgery, toe repair a lot of those things, but I assure you from the guy that's operating. Ah, lot of those surgeries. You can count on that surgery, working 100% of the time in 100% of the patients and it's an invasive procedure, so we use physical therapy. You know, oftentimes either in conjunction with serves the CEO of discount instead of surgery or with mild cases, and what kind of woman expected They're coming to you for parole after your name and continents, But what's gonna happen in the room? Sure. So the first day ask a lot of questions. Get a general sense of history and any other She's there going on. We will do an exam of your back and your belly. Any scar tissue adhesions in there, your legs, your hips kind of way. Picture typical physical therapy visit looking like for a few minutes, and then we'll move into more of a vaginal or internal exam for women. So oftentimes they'll set up. We're like an O. P Jin visit with on their back, knees bent draped and I will just do an assessment, looking at kind of the quality of the tissues. I'll make sure they could do a key goal correctly. I will often insert a finger and just feel for trigger points in those muscles, either right on the outside are a little further inside and this trigger points. If they're found in the muscles of the vaginal wall can create a lot of this. Function and actually make it harder to contract toe Hold in the year. And oftentimes what I see with women is they think they've been doing kegels correctly, but 40 to 60% of women when they read a passage online about to do people do it incorrectly. They actually pushing at the same time, firing other things at the same time, and that can actually lead to more dysfunction. So a lot of the first session is paid. You know, Duke Eagle, Let's re train you. I use a lot of different cues to do that, and then you know, teaching them some exercises before they come back and see me next time. It was actually one of the most surprising things that I really Your plan is I started doing a lot more physical therapy consultation is that people don't really know what they're doing. They don't really know how to stop from pooping on themselves. I don't really know how to stop from King on themselves, even though they think they know what they're doing. Like you think you know what? Your feelings you're not feeling the right thing. And so for us, you know, we use biofeedback was the technology, which is kind of Externally stimulating the muscles that we want them to stimulate on. Then what are some other techniques that we might use to help retrain people in their use of the pelvic floor? So I will use some verbal cues in some kind of imagery that can help and I'll do some breathing techniques that could just kind of help down, regulate the nervous system so that it can then fire correctly. The biofeedback. There's kind of two different ways to do that. You can use Thies. These probes both internally and externally, and there's actually a readout onto a machine. So when you're doing a Keagle, the patient can watch a little readout on the machine go up and down, depending on how hard they're contracting, if they can hold it. And then also if they can fully relax the public floor because oftentimes that's the problem is, people were just sitting there holding it the whole time. It like 50% contraction, and it's really only supposed to have, you know 10% contraction and most of the day, so What is that, And then you can actually put a gentle electric poles into the muscles that could help the patients to find them. If they just haven't used them correctly, in a long time. That's great and exhausting, in addition to the head had been physically anyway. Ultrasound technology through the use of our spark wave technology for pelvic pain, and that's something that we've been really proud of it really happy with. And for both men and women. If you're interested in telling for physical therapy, we have clinic appointments safe, clean. We wipe down everything. Even the patients stand still. And I'll wipe you down. Get up with you down, boy. Charge extra for that. No, we should wait for the next week. Okay, especially if he gets shut down around a candle. Thank you so much for joining us. How do people get a hold of us and how to make an employment with Kendall? You can call us at 51223807 16. You know one thing we never talk about Ben

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