Ball brothers Lonzo, LaMelo set to square off in NBA matchup


We're talking about lonzo in the last segment. A little bit and brandon ingram coups mud cetera. But the whole point was that lamelo alonzo are playing. And you don't have a lot of brothers playing against each other. We know the wilkins brothers Played against each other. Obviously the soul brothers have played against each other so this is just another installation of that particular kind of cool fund rivalry that the nba tends to have but we you know we talked a lot about lonzo. What do you think of the mellows. Ceiling is wow. That's a great question Ever since i first saw him like what was it like three years ago now watching plane. Aau it was obvious he was really talented offensive player. So i would say. His silly is attached to his defense. Okay you know. The more he improved bronco on defense to hire his silly goes because even though i think he's a really talented offensive. Play at the reality is. There's not a whole lot of dudes who play his position in the back court. That can't get you them buckets. Right what else you got. And we're waiting to see him. Show us the other aspects of it tastes him from being a talented young player to someone who may be able to lead a team to a french tour championship. So at this point It's a wait and see i need to. I need to spend a liberal time playing ball getting better getting stronger. Before i can tell you where i think is ceiling is going to go because i need to see how strong and how defensive he's going to become yet. Defensively is a big problem. I think big problem right now but it's a big problem for young players especially rookies week or so. You know. it's time for all of them. So i'm not going to hold them to this. But after two seasons if dudes are still blown by him because he's too busy trying to leak out get buckets. Then we know what that is. Yeah look here's ofensive skill set. His passing is ridiculous. Like we already know that that very early on do you think. He has a higher ceiling than lonzo though no not inherently so right well of course. There's always a good defender. There's no question about really answer. Really good rebounder right. And he's equally as good as a passer. So you're asking yourself. We'll lonzo's offense developed faster than lamelo defense. Because that's gap right. There will lonzo's offense develop than I would say lonzo's offenses rounding to form much much better. These last eight months or whatever lamelo defense defense takes a while i feel like guy sometimes go years before they learn to play real. Good defense is that fair or it depends on the coach that should never have conversations with Jj radic over the years and bright before he was drafted. He and i were joking. I was like dude. I love you to be in phoenix. House wins nash. And amari and those guys were rolling. Sounds like do you just be straight buckets. Any overstaying strengthen gundy and you needed to lay defense to play. I needed to pay exactly to play defense for stand right and it was because of that. He's still in the league. I don't know if he was still being the league. If it wasn't for stan forced him to know how to play good defense and he did. He became a very capable defender Even though he's small right even though he you know he he's he's not he's strong for size but he's not like some overwhelming You know person when it comes to his strength but he's really smart. He plays the angles while he plays team defense. Because you're you're right. You're right

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