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So james think of joe thornton at age seventy eight out there. The toronto i guess he's gonna start it out. Sheldon keefe. leaves head. Coach is gonna start old man river in between mitch and austin matthews on their number one line. Yeah i you know. I don't think much of it right. Because here's how that's gonna go okay. We'll start for the in the first game and we'll see all goals right. It's not it's not like you ought to lock in you know it's not like there's a rule saying he's got to stand that first line for seven games or whatever they'll put them in you know it's it's probably a pretty good marketing idea right. Not that the leash need to market their team. Their audience being so big. But so i don't think much like whatever the guy shit they're going to move he's going be he's gonna be moving down a line. Steve about every twenty minutes chase way joe jordan. Come over is next. He's on the second line now. Yeah so when. I when i read that headline you know. It's like like like a starting goalie announcement you know putting them. We're putting in seoul and so right on. What young boy now. So good point when you talk about an off season you know it's it. It does generate headlines. And i don't think that truly. I don't think the leaves have any operations of making that a permanent thing. Not even through the first freak and half of the first period right or if if it happens at all I just It's i think it's a way to of really truly welcoming joe thornton to toronto. Because while he's not going to be relied upon heavily to be the offensive thrusts that he's been throughout his career is forty one years old Oldest ford in the nhl. It's not likely to be a guy They're leaning on that heavily but they are leaning on him quite heavily to be a great leader on the team which is one of the voids for the toronto maple leafs in these recent years on good talent citing young talent but rudderless totally rudderless. Right wasn't What was the story with spencer where everyone got all up in arms because was was he coming back to toronto. Well you're missing a little bit of the story. So it's jason betcha who's tronto guy right and After all this time you know warring with the leaves as a member of the senators bounced around low bid play for the dallas stars lee signs on in toronto. And he's really excited. I'm going to be able to walk off into the. Nhl sunset right in my hometown With the team that i grew up cheering for and the very first game the laser taking on his old team the ottawa senators and mike babcock scratches them to make healthier. Yeah so the whole family's there is opportunity to see. His old buddies whichever are left still on the ottawa senators. Everybody looked at mike babcock and said what the hell's the matter with you. It's game one in october. And you're doing this guy like this already. A just signed the guy right right. He's apparently doghouse already as he. Mike anyway. I don every it reminded me this thing of okay. Well they're nice here. I like it okay. We're gonna put we're gonna play. Okay is the deal here by the way we signed him. We believe in him. And we're going to start him on first line right so might. Where's mike babcock never. Did you know what's happening with him. Off into the sunset still. Cashing checks is a toronto maple leaf employees in a severance away. I guess but I've heard his name bandied around in a couple of the coaching vacancies. That have come up since he was terminated but. I don't know that anybody wants to take that on right now right. Because he got kind of lumped in was a pick for sure sure. Yeah but he kind of lumped in with that whole you know bill peters thing right where he's dropping ratio bombs on a on a young player. you know. There's another incident were. Some coach was kicking player. Mismarked mark crawford was in that mix as well and he got let go by the blackhawks and mike kitchen. I think so. There's a bunch of coaches who were like. Wow you're that are getting losing their jobs and and babcock got rolled into that. I don't know that treating player poorly. You know in terms of that. That whole thing apparently with mitch monir. I think i think Babcock went tomorrow and said which guys on the team do you think are lazier which are really and then proceeded a read off the names that monir had given him like babcock's said that to the team right which which was a jerk. Move while insane. Yeah it's absolutely.

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